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Track Listing:

  1. Secrets
  2. Run With It Part 1
  3. Run With It Part 2
  4. Moon Seekers
  5. Spirit Of The Woods
  6. A Better World
  7. The Sermon
  8. Lost Amongst Trees
  9. Dreams & Fire

The Kruger Brothers are joined by The Kontras Quartet for a very special original work, commissioned to honor the region, history and legacy of Tennessee’s Roan Mountain.
Composed in 2010, the Appalachian Concerto is a work for banjo, bass, guitar, and string quartet. Innovative, challenging, and beautiful, the piece takes the ensemble playing the Kruger Brothers are famous for to an entirely new level of musicianship.

Arranged by Jens Kruger, Christmas Magic with the Kruger Brothers includes eleven Christmas favorites and an original Kruger Brothers’ composition, “The Lights in Our Village.” Each is executed with the incomparable virtuosity, flair, and honesty we’ve come to expect from the Kruger Brothers.


Banjophony (Damien O'Kane and Ron Block) PRCD48 Release 20th July 2018.
This spectacular debut duo album from Coleraine’s Damien O’Kane and California’s Ron Block - is probably nothing like you could imagine. This record is about the marrying of two different banjo traditions and the union of two cultures - bluegrass and Irish.


The recording that cemented the Kruger Brothers’ sound and song writing, Up 18 North, was released in 2002 on the Double Time label. Included were a number of tracks that signalled the direction that the band was to take in future projects. The title track “Up 18 North” is an instrumental piece, with banjo clearly in the foreground, that remains a prime example of the type of close ensemble playing that characterizes the trio’s work. The vocal track “Carolina in the Fall” is an early example of the very personal, resonant, and mature song writing that they continue to this day.

Yet another collection of plectrum banjo tunes from the UK's finest Plectrum player!
The Kruger Brothers With the Kontras Quartet.“Lucid dreaming is the state of mind in which a person is fully aware that they are dreaming. It seems to me that all life is unfolding like a dream, swirling like dance in flight. For all things that have a beginning, I assume that they also must have an end. I have a strong sense that dreams don’t need a beginning.” – Jens Kruger
Sheps banjo Boys - Britain's foremost banjo band is led by Howard 'Shep' Shepherd ace plectrum banjo virtuoso ...If you need to work out those chord progressions Howard is the man to listen to!
A superb collection of plectrum banjo tunes from the UK's finest Plectrum player!

The fantastic debut album from JigJam, the hottest new act on the Celtgrass Music Scene. An instant favourite with all the team at Eagle Music Shop.

Choices in an sense continues where Up 18 North left off, and includes a number of covers along with some originals, including “Choices” and “Moon Over Switzerland.” There are a few great banjo instrumentals here, too, including a clawhammer version of “Angeline the Baker,” and a very distinctively Jens Kruger instrumental, “Mirjam.” Here too is Uwe’s beautiful take on the Doc Watson classic, “Black Mountain Rag.”
A superb 3 CDs collection from The fabulous Krugers. With a veritable who's who of guest performers including; Clint Howard, Laura Boosinger, Si Kahn, Tut Taylor, Moondi Klein, Wayne Henderson and Pete & Joan Wernick to name a few.
This first rate CD recorded in 1999 has nine original tunes combined in two suites: "Sisters Suite" and "Days in the Field Suite." Another mind boggling album from the Swiss 5-string banjo virtuoso.
A mixture of Bluegrass, blues, contemporary and traditional folk songs from Swiss trio - with Jens Kruger banjo, Uwe Kruger on guitar, and Joel Landsberg on bass.
Released April 2009 ...11 superb tracks from three of the most respected players that we know! Jens Kruger Banjo, Uwe Kruger Guitar and Joel Landsberg Bass.
This cd is a must!! Produced by Jens & Uwe Kruger with Joel Lansberg, prepare yourself for more heart stopping music and songs from the superb Kruger Brothers.
A fabulous collection of 14 songs performed by The Kruger Brothers.
The Spirit of the Rockies is a poetic, spiraling tale about ghosts, relationships and guides – both seen and unseen. It is a story about love, spiritual legacy, the sharing of beauty, and the yearning for freedom from the restrictions of the mind. Jens believes that, “The precious value of beauty is always given from one heart to another.” That belief is what this work is about.

This collection includes tracks from the full breadth of their recording career, some from some time ago, such as “Cork Harbor” and “Alabama Bound,” and others very recent, such as “The Lights of Our Village” and a track new to this release, “People Get Ready.”


Mystery Inch (Damien O'Kane and David Kosky) PRCD30 Released 2011
This is the exciting instrumental album from Damien O'Kane and David Kosky
The CD was launched at Cambridge Festival in 2011.
'Banjos and guitars and other plinky plonky bangy things - Irish music with a twist!.'

Banjo music cd's recorded by the world's top banjo players.

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