Octave Harmonicas

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The CONCERTO STEEL is a high grade octave-tuned double-reed diatonic. The notes are arranged exactly like on a 10-hole diatonic (Richter tuning).
The compact design and the typical full octave sound makes the CONCERTO STEEL the ideal musical companion for events of all kinds - the ideal pocket orchestra for assertive melody and full chord playing.


The CLUB STEEL is especially made for playing melodies with or without tongue block in Folk music styles. The first octave harmonica with stainless steel reeds. Available Bb, C, D and HG. Choose from options below


These single sided Comet Octave Tuned Harmonicas have sleekly curved bodies and mouthpiece, they fit perfectly between your hands.

RRP £94.99
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Inspired by the distinctive and iconic alpine flower, the EDELWEISS harmonica is a genuine original, with a warm, soothing and harmonious tone. Its classic design, ergonomic form and unmistakable sound make it the star among the folk harmonicas, versatile enough for playing not only traditional alpine melodies but also pop and evergreens.

Available in C only

Due May 2024

Octave harmonicas at Eagle Music, we have models from Hohner, Lee Oskar, Sydel, Suzuki and more at the best prices in the UK.