Harmonicas at Eagle Music, we supply a wide range of harmonicas, parts, spares, tutor books, dvd's and music, chromatic, diatonic and tremolo/octave models. Seydel, Hohner, Suzuki, Lee Oskar, Tombo, Bushman and Hering are among our top harmonica brands.

High quality Hohner and Seydel harmonicas plus other top brand diatonic and chromatic harmonicas. Hohner harmonicas, Bushman, Hering, Tombo and Suzuki are all here at Eagle Music Shop. Seydel, Klingenthal, Germany are the oldest harmonica company in the entire world, hand making professional models that include the Blues 1847, Blues 1847 Silver, Blues Session, Solist, Pro Solist, Big Six and Favourite blues harps. Check out their superb range of Saxony chromatics. Hohner (Germany) still produce within their range of Harmonicas all the old standard classic models including Blues Harp, Cross Harp, Marine Band, Big River Harp, Pro Harp, Meisterklasse and many more. The Hohner Chromonica is still one of the most popular chromatics and is available in various keys. Our range of Tombo harmonicas (Japan) includes the superb Tombo Band Deluxe model solo-tuned for the traditional tune player. Hering harmonicas (Brazil) have become very popular in recent years offering sturdy, compact and airtight chromatic and diatonic models at competitive prices.

Our harmonica types within our world class brands consist of diatonic harmonicas, chromatic harmonicas, octave tuned, solo tuned and tremolo harmonicas. Here at Eagle Music Shop we also stock reed plates and spares for many of the harmonicas that we sell. We cater for everyone from the absolute beginner to the advanced professional player.

We have a great range of harmonica accessories including custom made gig bags, harmonica belts and harmonica flight cases. We meet and supply many professionals, friends and customers of Eagle Music Shop include Will Pound, Steve Baker, Ben Hewlett, Johnny Mars, Matt Walklate and many more.

Check out our harmonica technical advice, harmonica care and harmonica buying guides.

All the reeds in our harmonicas are checked in our workshop on our 'harmonica air-bellows' before dispatch.

Buying Guides for Harmonicas, we're here to help!

  • Harmonica Buying Guide
    Harmonica Buying Guides

    Harmonica Buying Guide

    To make it easy and simple for your first choice of harmonica, in this guide, we explain here the types of music that can be played on them and the most suitable type of harmonica to choose.

  • Chromatic Harmonica Buying Guide
    Harmonica Buying Guides

    Chromatic Harmonica Buying Guide

    Read the Eagle Music buying guide for chromatic harmonicas, complete with a comprehensive Q&A section.

  • Diatonic Harmonica Buying Guide
    Harmonica Buying Guides

    Diatonic Harmonica Buying Guide

    This detailed guide from Eagle Music explains the diatonic harmonica, and answers some more common questions we receive from our customers.

  • Tremolo & Octave Harmonica Buying Guide
    Harmonica Buying Guides

    Tremolo & Octave Harmonica Buying Guide

    Read the Eagle Music tremolo and octave harmonica buying guide.

Featured articles for Harmonicas

  • A Brief History of Harmonica Harnesses
    Harmonica Advice

    A Brief History of Harmonica Harnesses

    From folk legends to modern-day musicians, here is a brief history of harmonica harnesses. 

  • Looking after your Harmonica
    Harmonica Advice

    How to care for your Harmonica, the ultimate Eagle Music harmonica maintenance guide

    In this detailed guide we explain how to care for your harmonica through a series of maintenance steps. Get the most from your harmonica with our easy-to-apply harmonica care techniques.

  • Anatomy of the Harmonica
    Harmonica Advice

    Anatomy of the Harmonica

    Here we explain the anatomy of the harmonica and all the parts that go to making them up. Ever wondered what the comb is, or what its made of? What are Reeds, Reedplates and Cover plates. All the answers are here.

  • Harmonica Jargon Simplified and Explained
    Harmonica Advice

    Harmonica Jargon Simplified and Explained

    Bending? Windsavers? Airtight ?....what do they all mean? Here we take a look at the terminology and words used to describe the worlds most popular instrument and all that goes into them.