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Dino Baffetti Black Pearl II D/G 2 Row Melodeon - 2 voice box with slightly tremolo tuning. Features 19 treble buttons, 8 bass buttons and a black and white hard plastic design. Excellent condition. Commission Sale


A beautiful rare higher quality, turn of the 20th century, Lachenal 35 key English concertina, fully restored to excellent playing condition and tuned to modern pitch. Complete with high quality custom made carrying case. See note layout in images. Commission Sale


Circa early 60's German made Galotta 25 key, 12 bass, 2 voice, tremolo tuned piano accordion. Made in the Weltmeister factory. Finished in red pearl. All notes play. Ideal for first time accorion player or a youngster or for travelling with. Fairly lightweight. Supplied in an old case with no handles. Commission Sale

Good working condition Hohner Club 2 melodeon. Commission Sale

**AS NEW** Hohner D/G 'Pokerwork' Melodeon, the industry standard workhorse of the melodeon world. Complete with a pair leather shoulder straps and back strap. Supplied in a used extreme protection mally bag. Commission Sale


**Mint Condition** The Binci melodeon from Dino Baffetti is one of the fastest and loudest melodeons on the market. This is a small and light melodeon on steroids, loved by concert performers as much as Morris musicians. Renowned for its bright and punchy sound the quality of the reeds allow you to play whatever you want, dynamic range is huge with amazing sensitivity available as well. The left hand features a stop to remove the 3rds allowing a more flexible choice of chords. Supplied with straps and Case. Commission Sale


Used Galotta 3V 72 Bass Piano Accordion with Hard Case in good condition on commission sale. It features three bass couplers and five treble couplers. Made in Germany. Two straps included. Supplied with original case. This item is only available for shop collection.

Used Squeezeboxes