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*SOLD* Used Banjos - These banjos are no longer available for sale, many of them were sold as a commission sale. You can part-ex your old banjo with Eagle, we can also sell your banjo on a commission basis.

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RRP £1,649.00
Save £450.00
**Mint Condition 2006 Model** The Vega Old Time Wonder 11" open back banjo with 'scooped' neck and inlaid Vega 'Star' in the headstock. Crafted by Deering with a superb blend of today's technology and yesterday's classic tone. This is a light weight banjo that is made especially for musicians who want the warmer tones that go well in a string band with a fiddle and bass. This older version has the quality laminate rim and not the current 3 ply rim. Supplied in a hard shell case. Commission Sale

**Excellent condition** Made in the USA (circa early 90's)
by Geoff Stelling and his team. The Stelling Masterflower 5 string resonator banjo. Features a Tony Pass block rim, stunning highly figured walnut neck and resonator, Stelling hardware and fitted with new strings. Some tarnishing on the armrest. Supplied in a Stelling hard case. Commission sale


Circa early 1900's Clifford Essex Special 5 string openback Banjo. Features 24 Bracket hooks and nuts, ebony fingerboard, decorative mother of pearl inlays and side dot markers and a handmade brass nut. See below for more details


Vintage WE Temlett 'The Special Clifton' in playable condition. Nice restoration project for someone or just play and enjoy. Features metal pot, 22 bracket hooks and nuts, armrest fitted. Action a little high. Sold as seen. Commission Sale

  • Made in the U.S.A
  • (value) Warranty
  • 3 Ply Violin Grade Maple Rim
**As New** The Deering Leade Goodtime 2 has a higher specification than the standard Goodtime 2. It is fitted with planetary geared Deering classic banjo tuner pegs and black inlaid side dot neck position markers. It is Ideal for bluegrass picking and is set up with Planetary Geared Tuners. Please see below for more details.

**Lovely sweet sounding** Clifford Essex Regal 5 String Banjo. Features top tension construction, original bone adjustable armrest, original tailpiece and original machine heads, Supplied in original wooden hard case. Commission Sale

  • Made in the U.S.A
  • (value) Warranty
  • Supplied with Deluxe Deering Hardshell Case
**Mint Condition** The Deering Sierra 17 Fret short scale tenor banjo with exquisite Greg Deering design fingerboard inlays. Deering -06- 20 hole bell bronze tone-ring, complete with deluxe hard-shell case. Includes a solid brass Booth mute. Can be tuned Irish, Jazz or Chicago.

The state of the art Nechville Galaxy Phantom built from grade AAA curly maple, with radiused ebony fingerboard and tunnelled 5th string, and superb natural abalone Galaxy design inlay work. Fully setup and fitted with new strings.  See below for more technical details. Supplied with a Deluxe hard case. Commission Sale

RRP £275.00
Save £76.00

**As new condition** Barnes and Mullins Perfect 19 Fret tenor banjo. Commission Sale

**SOLD** **Brand New Banjo with full Deering lifetime warranty** Played by such four string banjoists as Dom Flemmons, the Deering Sierra Plectrum banjo is perfect for traditional jazz. The -06- bell bronze tone ring that is featured on this banjo gives it a clear tone with the perfect balance of brightness and bass response. The pot assembly of the Sierra, the violin grade maple 3 ply rim, the -06- tone ring, the one piece zinc flange, the notched tension hoop,the Deering tail piece and armrest are exactly the same as our whole line all the way up to the Gabriella, with just a few exceptions. Brand New banjo with full Deering Lifetime Warranty! - Commission Sale. Note there is normally a year long wait for a new factory made Sierra Plectrum Banjo.
RRP £919.00
Save £270.00

**As NEW** Made in The USA by Deering Banjos, The Erin Doolin EDGS-19 tenor banjo is fitted with the Deering Goodtime 2010 design tone ring to give it extra power and clarity of tone. It is also fitted with a resonator to give the banjo more volume by pushing all the sound forward. The 19 fret is the choice of the professionals which gives the player extra string sustain. Set-up and tuned to GDAE specifically with the correct strings for playing Irish music in tuning. This is an exceptional easy to handle, but powerful tenor banjo that is excellent for session playing. Please see below for specification. Supplied with a TGI hard case. Commission Sale

  • Made in the U.S.A
  • (value) Warranty
  • Supplied with Deluxe Deering Hardshell Case

** Used Banjo** The 'Boston' 5 string model with ornate Greg Deering pearl & maple inlays. This professional banjo has a 3/16" thick steel rim which rings out loud and clear with a sound similar to a bronze tone ring. The Boston design is unique to Deering and provides you with a top quality banjo at an affordable price. This banjo has had Deering factory fitted planetary tuners when it was made. Some tarnishing on the nickel plated armtest but not excessive. Please see below for specification details. Supplied in a Deering case. Commission Sale

RRP £2,899.00
Save £649.00
**Mint Condition** The beautiful Deering Deluxe was a very popular model for Deering and Eaglemusic. It is fitted with the Deering -06- 20 hole bronze tone ring. Has an ebony fingerboard inlaid with Greg Deering exquisite markers. The Walnut neck and walnut resonator create a crisp warm sweet ton, also features a stunning gloss finish. This banjo was made in 2012 and is a Left handed Model. Supplied with a Deering hard case. Commission Sale

**SOLD** Tanglewood 'Union Series' series Deluxe 17 fret irish tenor banjo with 3/4" maple ply rim, brass tone ring, diamond inlays and USA Remo frosted top head. Fitted with new strings, tuned GDAE. Really nice tone! Some very minor wear on the head not shown up on the images. Supplied with Gig bag and strap - Commission Sale


**SOLD** ** Mint condition** Custom Clipper model from Grafton Banjos. Feature a wooden tonering for that real old time tone, also fitted with nylon strings and a Pisgah Hawktail tailpiece. Includes a Grafton hard case. Commission Sale

RRP £619.00
Save £120.00
  • Made in the U.S.A
  • (value) Warranty
  • 3 Ply Violin Grade Maple Rim

**AS NEW** The Goodtime 2 USA Built 5-String Banjo.
Our best selling 5-string resonator (closed back)banjo. The Deering Goodtime 2 is built in California, USA. It is a rock maple banjo with a price tag that is incredible for a genuine USA built quality instrument! The heart of this banjo is the Three Ply Solid Violin Maple rim that provides you with stability and a great American banjo sound. Commission Sale


Excellent condition Heartwood 17 fret short scale openback tenor banjo. Features walnut construction, spliced neck, rolled brass tone ring, smooth/quality geared tuners, Remo fibreskyn head for that mellower tone. Fitted with a new bridge and strings, tuned GDAE. Supplied with padded gig bag. Commission Sale


**Lovely sounding banjo** Circa early 1900's Clifford Essex Special 5 string openback Banjo. Excellent tone and playability with a decent action. Features 24 Bracket hooks and nuts, ebony fingerboard, decorative mother of pearl inlays and side dot markers and a handmade brass nut. Hardly any fretwear at all. See below for more details


Great sounding 'Sullys' 5 string bluegrass banjo with sliding 5th string capo. This banjo has had a full strip down service and fitted with a new frosted top Deering head and strings. Features include a maple pot fitted with a bronze mastertone style tone ring, maple neck with a highly flamed maple resonator, rosewood fingerboard, 3 foot maple and ebony tipped bridge, fancy engraved armrest and geared planetary tuners. Also fitted with a 5th string sliding capo. Supplied with a hard shell case. Commission sale


**Excellent condition** 17 fret short scale maple tenor banjo with bell brass arch-top tone ring, hand made in Galway, Ireland by Tom Cussen. Some pick marks on the head. Supplied in an ABS Hard Case.


Nice condition Vintage branded banjo uke with resonator. Gloss finish and soprano scale length. Fitted with strap. Commission Sale

A fine example of a Keech 1930s uke banjo, complete with original case (in excellent condition). Serial No. A12530 signed on the back of the pot by Alvin Keech. Original clean calfskin vellum, clean fretwork. Plays and sounds authentic. A very tidy instrument.