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The desirable Tom Nechville designed 'Orion' with Heli-Mount pot assembly, slightly wider fretboard and radiused fingerboard. Please see below for more details and specification.


Embracing the traditional look ...The USA Nechville 'Saturn' Black Walnut is built around the state of the art 'Heli-Mount' frame with Timber-Tronic Tone Ring. Modern in styling & stability - traditional in sound. Please see below for more details.


The USA Nechville Zeus is built around the state of the art 'Heli-Mount' frame with Timbr-Tronic tone Ring. This Special model has a rosewood tone ring. Modern in styling & stability - unique in sound


The state of the art Nechville Galaxy Phantom built from grade AAA curly maple, with radiused ebony fingerboard and tunnelled 5th string, and superb natural abalone Galaxy design inlay work. See below for more technical details.


The beautiful Nechville Athena with cylotronic style cocobolo tone ring and heartblossom inlays. Lightweight to carry, but not lightweight in sound! Please See below for specification and more details ...


The Nechville Open Back 12" pot Atlas Standard Model. Feature a block wooden rim, exotic wood cap tone ring, thumb scoop,Renaissance head and many more state-of-the-art Nechville features. Supplied in a Deluxe Gig Bag. Please see below for more details.


Tap in to that old-timey vibe. The Atlantis expands on the excellent and long standing Atlas model and adds even more features: a full scoop, fancy binding, antiqued hardware, radiused fingerboard, a custom tension hoop, a 12 inch pot and more. Supplied in a deluxe gig bag.