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Violin Strings

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Plain Steel Single 'E' String


E 1st Steel, A 2nd Chrome Wound, D 3rd Chrome Wound, G 4th Chrome Wound.

RRP £23.75
Save £2.76

Bronze wound strings, widely used for teaching purposes. Britain's best selling string of its kind.

RRP £38.25
Save £2.26

Good sound and smooth easy feel. E 1st steel, A 2nd steel/alum, D 3rd steel/chrome, G 4th steel/chrome

RRP £40.75
Save £1.76

Finest super flexible chrome strings, ideal for soloist use. The tension of these strings is similar to that of gut, making them suitable for use on old instruments.

RRP £65.90
Save £2.91

With synthetic core. Sound similar to gut without any disadvantages. These strings have a highly flexible, multi-strand nylon core and cater for artists who feel uncomfortable with steel strings.

RRP £49.25
Save £2.26

Durable steel strings. Easy response, strong sound.

Violin strings from Astrea, Dogal, Dominant and Pirastro. Choose eagle for the best selection and prices for fiddle strings..