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Violin Strings

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E 1st Steel, A 2nd Chrome Wound, D 3rd Chrome Wound, G 4th Chrome Wound.


Plain Steel Single 'E' String

RRP £23.75
Save £2.76

Bronze wound strings, widely used for teaching purposes. Britain's best selling string of its kind.

RRP £38.25
Save £2.26

Good sound and smooth easy feel. E 1st steel, A 2nd steel/alum, D 3rd steel/chrome, G 4th steel/chrome

RRP £49.25
Save £2.26

Durable steel strings. Easy response, strong sound.

RRP £40.75
Save £1.76

Finest super flexible chrome strings, ideal for soloist use. The tension of these strings is similar to that of gut, making them suitable for use on old instruments.

RRP £65.90
Save £2.91

With synthetic core. Sound similar to gut without any disadvantages. These strings have a highly flexible, multi-strand nylon core and cater for artists who feel uncomfortable with steel strings.

Violin strings from Astrea, Dogal, Dominant and Pirastro. Choose eagle for the best selection and prices for fiddle strings..