Music & tutor books for guitar, banjo, mandolin, classical guitar, accordion, violin, ukulele, concertina, flute, tin whistle, bodhran and many more instruments are here at Eagle Music Shop. We specialise in acoustic and traditional music.

Irish music books, english music books, scottish music books plus much more. We believe that our Eagle Music Shop selection of tune books and music books, tuition and reference books in relation to the instruments that we stock and supply, is second to non. If you want ‘Irish’ traditional music session tune books, Scottish tune and fiddle books, English tune and English song books, Dadgad guitar books, or open tuning guitar books, guitar chord books, banjo books for learning the 5-string banjo or the ‘Irish’ tenor banjo and even banjo repair books, you need look no further than Eagle Music Shop. Mandolin and bouzouki tuition books are here in plenty.

Celtic music books are one of our specialities. Flute books and tin whistle tuition books for the beginner or advanced player are all listed. And don’t forget if you fancy learning to play the piano accordion, button accordion, melodeon, concertina, ukulele, djembe, appalachian & hammered dulcimer, autoharp, recorder or the harmonica, we have the book for you!

We constantly have our ‘Eagle Eye’ looking out for new publications for inclusion in our listings. Many of our musical instrument tuition books have CDs to accompany them for easy learning. We carry the full range of Dave Mallinson Publications, most Mel Bay Publications and also many publications that we have sourced from independent small publishers.