Accordion, melodeon and concertina instruments from Hohner, Saltarelle, Castagnari and Stephanelli. Everything for the squeezebox including starter packs.

Hohner have long been the household name for accordions, all models are available from Eagle Music Shop. We stock most popular models but can make a special order for the Hohner accordion of your choice. When it comes to workhorse melodeons, the Hohner Pokerwork is the choice and is the tried and tested workhorse of the melodeon world or the Hohner Double Ray Black Dot if you are a B/C button accordion player.

World class Saltarelle Accordions and melodeons are available from Eagle Music Shop. Le Bouebe, Irish Bouebe, L' Elfique, Nuage, Pastourelle II, Pastourelle III, Conemara are models played by top professionals. This world class brand includes the attractive range of finest quality professional level Clifden and Cleggan piano accordions. Also Saltarelle melodeons, button accordions with a quality level much higher than other brands on the market.

We also stock Stephanelli accordions, melodeons and concertinas. Our absolute beginner starter packs are excellent value.The Stephanelli range are the brainchild of the renowned Scottish accordion specialists the Clinkscale family. The instruments are made under license in a state of the art factory in China. All instruments are then imported to Clinkscale in Scotland where they undergo stringent quality tests before being available for retail.

All Stephanelli instruments come complete with a deluxe case & straps.

Saltarelle and Castagnari are without doubt the 'Rolls Royce' squeezeboxes of the melodeon squeezebox world ... as such we have listed their full range of piano accordions, melodeons and button accordions.

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