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Mandolin Capos

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Shubb is the first choice for many professionals that play 5-string, tenor and plectrum banjos and mandolin. The effective bar length is 1.5 inches with a flat profile. See also Shubb 5th string capo. In Nickel or Brass finish.


Simply cut to length and slide onto the capo to replace a worn-out rubber sleeve.


Designed to last forever! Precision made from stainless steel. This capo has a unique roller that replaces the the nylon slider that is normally found on shubb capos providing an ultimately smooth operation.

RRP £27.50
Save £3.51

Designed for 4- or 5-string banjos and mandolin, the NS Banjo/Mandolin Capo Pro assures buzz-free, in-tune performance at any fret. A micrometer adjustment mechanism allows you to dial in the exact tension needed for clear ringing notes without excessive force in any position on the neck. This greatly reduces the need to retune your instrument during and after capo use.


Standard Shubb Banjo/Mandolin Capobut with an elegant brushed nickel finish; a more subtle, satin-finished look. The effective bar length is 1.5 inches with a flat profile. See also Shubb 5th string capo


Extend the life of your Paige capo with an official Paige replacement rubber sleeve, available in 2 types

P-RS-UNI - Universal replacement sleeve for banjo/mandolin/guitar etc

P-RS-12 - For 12 string guitar capos  (thicker than the universal)

These are a black soft rubber piece of tubing that you can cut to size, they are around 60mm long.


With all the features of the ‘original’ Paige Capo, the Paige ‘Clik’ Capo goes a step further in it’s speed of use and precision adjustment. You just press the ‘Clik’ button to quickly close the capo, then finally adjust the screw to set a perfect tension to hold down your strings. Press the ‘Clik’ button to quickly release the capo and slide to a new position. Please see below for more details

Genuine replacement rubber pad for Shubb original capo. Choose from square end or round end. See images
RRP £26.99
Save £2.00

Attractive design and easy one-hand application. Black finish. The Trigger Capo's ergonomic shape and padded handle allow for near effortless fret positioning, while it's strong spring-action clamping holds it positively in place.

RRP £19.99
Save £1.00

A smaller version of the standard quick-change. Designed for clamping the double string tension of a mandolin's paired strings. Also excellent for tenor and 5-string banjo.

Replacement black delrin cap for Shubb's Original or Lite Capos
Single replacement adjustment screw and spring for the Shubb Original capo. Available in Brass or Nickel. Chose from options below.

Mandolin capos from Shubb, Kysor and more, capos suitable for mandolin & bouzouki family.

Capos for mandolin come either as dedicated 'Mandolin / Banjo' capos for instruments with narrow necks, Shubb and Kysor models are very popular.