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Harmonica Beginners Packs

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A super sealed gift pack containing all that you need to start playing Blues Harmonica. Complete with a high quality Seydel Blues Session Harp in the key of 'C', introductory booklet & Online-Multimedia-Program for Mac/Windows/Linux Comes with SESSION Blues harmonica with brass-reeds. More information below.
RRP £83.99
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Seven diatonic Hohner harmonicas in deluxe zip-up carry case.

RRP £14.99
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The popular Hohner Silver Star entry level 10 hole diatonic harmonica from Hohner. It is available in the following Keys: C, D, E, F, G, A, Bb.The Silver Star is a step above many other entry level harmonicas.'C' is the most popular key for beginners. The brass tuned reeds are built around an airtight ABS comb. It is excellent for getting started on harmonica and playing blues, rock or any other music of your choice.

RRP £16.99
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The Hohner 'Traveller' 10 hole diatonic harmonica complete with Denim 'gig bag'. The useful carry case has a lanyard that can be hung around your neck. It also has a loop to carry it as a belt pack.

RRP £26.99
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With this workshop you will learn how to play harmonica, Guaranteed! Even if you never played another instrument before. Just Play Harmonica - Junior Starter Kit includes a diatonic harmonica in C, booklet (36 pages) & video workshop for any age group and not just juniors!

RRP £21.99
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A professional instrument designed for those learning to play the blues! Available in the keys of A, Bb, C, D, E, F and G. Designed to make playing and note bending easy for entry level players, the Blues Bender P.A.C gives everybody access to the characteristic effect that make the harmonica so bluesy.

RRP £28.83
Save £2.84
From Hohner a set of four 10 hole 'C' diatonic harmonicas. in blue, red, green & yellow. Excellent for getting the children chugging!
The Tombo folk blues is a ‘Richter’ tuned diatonic. It has 0.9mm thick reed plates, fixed to a black ABS body (comb) with 5 bolts for secure airtightness. It has stainless steel cover plates and is designed to give maximum volume with a clear and hard tone. An excellent choice for Rhythm & Blues, Rock and folk. Available in all keys plus low ‘F’ and high ‘G’.

Harmonic beginners packs at Eagle. Learn to play the harmonica with a beginners harmonica pack. 

Package deals including tutor book/cd/dvd plus a budget harmonica to get you started. Packs including the popular Absolute Beginners Harmonica book, all that you need to start playing blues harp.