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Guitar machine heads / tuners

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The Leader Sleek Black Instrument Peg Winder and Bridge Pin puller:- Swiftly de-tensions your old string and re-tensions your new string when string changing. This high speed tuning aid is made from high impact black ABS plastic, the open end of the peg winder is designed to fit modern guitar tuning peg systems (As shown in the photograph in use on a Gibson guitar). Also fits most types of other stringed instruments. Has a cut-out for lifting the bridge pins on acoustic guitars. Makes string changing easy and cuts out the fatigue of finger & thumb hand winding. Excellent for all makes acoustic and electric guitars and also ideal for banjos that have guitar type machine head tuners. (Note, does not fit the bigger buttoned rear facing planetary tuning pegs found on some banjos)

Machine heads / tuners for guitar including Grover locking rotomatics.