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Bouzouki Strings

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Ball or Loop End 11/11, 15/15, 24w/24w, 34w/34w


Ball or Loop End 12/12, 16/16, 13/26w, 17/36w


Eagle-Puretone finely crafted and precision wound Ball or Loop End 11/11 15/15 32w/13 40w/24w for Octave strung guitar bouzouki.

RRP £13.20
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D'Addario's EJ81 strings are designed for use with Irish bouzoukis of various scales. The unwound strings are made from plain steel and the wound strings are phosphor bronze, acclaimed worldwide for its great, long-lasting tone.


Can't see which strings you want on our Bouzouki strings page? Why not create your very own "Custom Gauge" Bouzouki string set. Click below to select string type then see details below for how to select your string gauges.


Loop end, nickel wound for 'Greek' CFAD tuning.
Gauges are 10/10, 13/,13, 22w/10, 28w/13

Bouzouki string sets from Eagle-Puretone, octave and double strung at Eagle Music Shop.