Tremolo Harmonicas

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A super new model from Suzuki. The new Suzuki Humming, Deluxe Tremolo Harmonica is a superb example of state of the art technology that produces a beautiful old world sound. “C” positions are marked on the comb for easy reference during performances. Excellent for tune playing. Comes with carrying case. Available in twelve keys: C, G, A, D, E, F, Bb, B, F#, Eb, Ab, Db


The SAILOR STEEL TREMELO is the first traditionally-shaped tremolo harmonica with stainless steel reeds. Well suited for playing melodies or chord accompaniement. The SAILOR STEEL TREMELO is available in the keys of C, D and G major, as well as in A and E harmonic minor and is tuned very similar to a 10 hole diatonic harmonica. Includes plastic case


48 hole tremolo harmonica in the keys C or D.


The Seydel Fanfare-S the first Tremolo harmonica with stainless steel reeds and a precision made Acrylic comb, Offering an unprecedented musical presence and assertiveness whilst minimizing air-loss. Available in keys C, G, D and A. Chose from box below. Supplied in a deluxe case.

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This Tombo harmonica is 'solo tuned' which means that all octaves are full. Available in a range of keys, it is an excellent choice for playing traditional tunes jigs, reels etc.
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The SKYDIVER STEEL TREMOLO is a traditionally-shaped tremolo harmonica with stainless steel reeds, offering an incredible musical presence and assertiveness while providing a subtle and sweet tremolo sound. The tuning on the SKYDIVER is the most commonly used tuning of tremolo harmonicas (also called 'asian tuning'). Supplied in a Light blue quality plastic case with cleaning cloth.

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Great value Tremelo harmonica from Suzuki. Supplied in a soft internal lined, hard shell plastic case.
See below for more information and available keys.

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Clearance - 42 hole, 21 note tremolo harmonica from Tombo (Makers of Lee Oskar harmonicas).Features a plastic comb,brass reeds, stainless steel covers. Supplied in a plastic case. All notes play, sold as seen. 

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For more than a century, these double-sided harmonicas have been a player favourite. The Echo’s precision tuned reeds create a beautifully blended vibrato tone. The 2 models available are as follows …The Echo 64 including 32 holes (64 reeds) in the key of C/G and the Echo 96 which includes 48 holes (96 reeds) in the keys of C/G.

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Replacement single tremolo harmonica for the Hohner Sextet but also available on its own as a single instrument. Available in the following keys … C, D, F, G, A and Bb. 


The classic curve of this harmonica makes it especially easy-to-hold. This model offers a strong, full-bodied sound. The larger sound holes on this model make the ‘overblow’ technique easier to accomplish. Only available in C

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For the largest tonal range available on a Hohner tremolo, these models are nearly 11 inches long and feature 24 double holes on each harmonica. This is the most versatile combination harmonica with six harmonicas in different keys mounted on a single rotating spindle making up the beautiful and unique ‘Tremolo Sextet’. Includes keys C/D/F/G/A/Bb

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The single-sided Echo Trimline Tremolo Harmonicas are sleek and contemporary with chrome-plated engraved covers and wooden (comb) bodies. Two models are available.. 16 hole (32 reeds), and 24 hole (48 reeds). They produce a gorgeous tremolo sound and come packaged in vinyl snap cases. Available in the key of 'C' only.

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The Suzuki SCT-128 Professional 16 hole Tremolo Chromatic Harmonica.

The amazing Seydel Harmonica company have done it again!
The CONCERTO STEEL STAR 6 is a versatile pocket-sized instrument for accompaniment that can create a very good mood instantaneously - Seydel guarantee that its accordeon-like sound is very convincing! The CONCERTO STEEL STAR 6 is a fully-fledged accompanying instrument compact in size that can keep up very well with an accordion or an acoustic guitar!

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