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Vintage Era Banjos

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  • Supplied with Hard Case

Very well made replica banjo/example of a Gibson RB3 5 string banjo. Features a maple pot with Mastertone style 40 hole cast bronze tone ring and a Gibson badged (replica) neck made in highly flamed maple, flying eagle inlays, railroad spikes fitted at 7,8,9 and 10th frets and also features official USA made Keith D-tuners. This banjo is one of the best sounding 5 string banjo (for that classic Gibson banjo tone) we've had for a long time. Superb playing action as well. Supplied in a brand new Superior 5 string resonator hard case. Commission Sale


Used Framus 5 String Banjo from 60's/70's. Nice condition and plays well. Well engineered and unique design. Commission Sale.


Circa 1920's vintage Slingaland May Bell Style B 19 fret tenor banjo. Features a bacon style tone ring, Grover eccentric original tuners, deluxe maple used on the resonator and neck, ebony centre strip on neck, Presto tailpiece, MOP inlays and a decorative resonator motif. Full Eaglemusic workshop setup with new strings. Supplied with hard case. Commission Sale


Nice condition Circa 1960's Gibson RB100 5 String Resonator Banjo. Full Eaglemusic stripdown, restring and setup. Commission Sale


Rare, Super Orpheum 2 Plectrum Openback Banjo. Fitted with an Archtop Tonering. See below for details. Commission Sale


A 5 String SS Stewart Banjo manufactured in Philadelphia.  The Thoroughbred Model incorporated the adjustable neck fastner and was a trade mark banjo for Stewart.  This banjo is in very good condition for its age and has likely had some restoration over the years. We have fitted a new goat skin vellum and fitted new strings. Supplied with original ornate embossed leather case which needs some attention. Not currently functional as a case. Commision Sale.


Clifford Essex Paragon 5 String Banjo. In very good condition and all original parts. Fitted with a calf skin vellum and signed Don Cliffords. Supplied in original case. Commission Sale


This banjo can be strung and setup but it has a very high action with a 1/2" bridge. We are classifying it as a parts only banjo but could be played or worked on as a project. Supplied in a decent condition old long neck banjo case which are pretty rare. Commission Sale


Circa 1928 Vega Original Style M Tubaphone 17 Fret Short Scale Resonator Banjo with Orinal Hard Case. Excellent condition and well looked after. Fitted with new strings and a Eaglemusic setup. Great sounding banjo - Commission Sale

Vintage era banjos at Eagle Music Shop, a range of used vintage instruments.

An ever changing selection of Vintage Era Banjos are available at The Eagle Music shop including Gibson, Paragon, Paramount, Windsor, J. E. Dallas, Orpheum, Jedson, Ludwig and Vega instruments amongst others.