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Resonator Guitars

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RRP £1,648.00
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The PBS-D Deluxe has a striking curly maple body and a hard rock square maple neck, all finished in a rich tobacco sunburst. The fretboard is inlayed in the vintage hearts & flowers motif. The Deluxe is equipped with the famed Paul Beard "open" soundwell, resonator cone and spider bridge. This combination produces the sweet wood-and-metal tone that's ideal for Bluegrass steel playing.

RRP £927.00
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Thinline engraved & nickel plated Brass body 'Biscuit' resonator electro acoustic guitar. A superb 'on' or 'off' stage resonator guitar built to traditional standards, very attractive in appearance with abundant engraving and abalone inlay.
RRP £999.00
Save £100.00

The Ozark 3515BE Biscuit resonator guitar is built in the classic National style. Features include a Solid brass Nickle plated body and Art-Deco style block inlays.
Decorative engraving on front, back and sides
Block abalone and mother of pearl inlay on fingerboard

RRP £1,463.00
Save £147.01

The handsome mahogany body and neck (finished in a rich tobacco sunburst) plays host to the famed Paul Beard "open" soundwell, resonator cone and spider bridge. This workhorse resonator guitar is a Bluegrass stalwart that's ruggedly built to take life in the honkytonks in its stride. Supplied in a Deluxe Gold Tone Hardcase.

RRP £514.00
Save £65.00

Is Josh Graves more to your liking than Earl Scruggs? Then look no further! The Ozark 3515SQ (Square Neck)Resonator Guitar is the easily the best value for money when starting out on lap slide Hawaiian, Country, Bluegrass or Blues. 

RRP £499.00
Save £50.00

Classic looking Resonator model from Sigma Guitars. Mahogany top back and sides and a highly polished cover plate. See below for details

RRP £508.00
Save £50.01

This Ozark wood body parlour resonator has classic looks with a deep rich, punchy sound. Its small body has a spruce top with f-holes and 3 small sound holes which is complemented by mahogany finish back and sides.

Resonator guitars available at Eagle Music, including concaved cone spider web and convex coned biscuit bridge configurations.

Tanglewood, Gold Tone and Ozark resonator guitars are available in both configurations and are exceptional value for money. There are also several electro options available. Concave coned spider web bridges are usually preferred for slide bluegrass while convex coned biscuit bridges are usually preferred for slide blues.