Ukuleles from Mainland, Ohana, Kamaka genuine Hawaiian ukes, Tanglewood and many more at Eagle Music Shop. Soprano, concert, tenor, baritone and ukulele banjo. Many models from beginners through to professional. Also wide range of ukulele accessories, music and tutor books/dvds.

Eagle supply a fantastic range of ukuleles from manufacturers including Kamaka, Ohana, Mainland, Martin, Tanglewood, Eastman, Leader, Goldtone, Mahalo, Brunswick, Kala, Laka, Stagg, Java and more. From low cost entry level ukes for beginners through to high quality hand built ukes.

In recent years the ukulele as gained great popularity thanks to the late great George Harrison and a number of other great modern exponents of this fun but serious instrument.

Steve Noon writes: I started to play the uke when I was very young and just about big enough to get my fingers around the neck! It is the best starter instrument as a stepping stone to playing plucked stringed instruments. Playing the uke took me on the playing the guitar (as the fingering is the same on the first four strings of the guitar for scales and chords) and then the next step to playing mandolin and banjo.

There are mainly four types of ukulele all increasing in size as follows. Soprano, Concert, Tenor and Baritone. Please see our technical Blog advice section for more details and recommended tunings.

We stock a superb range of ukes from the modest priced Mahalo range through to the professional quality Kamaka, Mainland, Martin, Ohana, and Eastman models.

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