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On this DVD, Chicago blues master Billy Branch provides an easy-to-follow, 24-step introduction to blues Harmonica and his impressive techniques.
Professional musician and experienced harmonica teacher Bobby Joe Holman gives the clearest and easiest instructions ever for learning the basics of harmonica playing, teaching how to: hold the harmonica; play a melody; use chords to enhance playing; and play folk, country and blues styles.

Learn at your own pace and open the door to the world of harmonica music! Play Today! is the ultimate self-teaching method, and this DVD is designed to offer quality instruction, terrific songs, and on-screen harmonica tablature so you can play all the music examples. Simply follow along with the music on the screen as you watch and listen to the teacher. This complete guide to the basics covers: songs, chords and melodies · cross harp, bending and fun tricks · playing tips and techniques · harmonica tablature.


This DVD portion of Level 3 of David Barrett's Harmonica Masterclass Series.


Designed to augment level 2 of David Barrett's Harmonica Masterclass Series, this video bridges the gap between what can be studied at home and what can only be learned in private lessons.


Sonny Terry started playing harmonica in his teens, as a blind street musician in North Carolina. After a stint with a medicine show, he hooked up with the popular ragtime singer/guitarist Blind Boy Fuller.


In this unique DVD tutorial, Arnold walks and talks you through the styles of John Lee Williamson, Sonny Boy Williamson and Little Walter.


Master the heart-warming sounds of the country Harmonica with this comprehensive tutorial. Starting from your first few notes, this DVD will guide you as you learn the phrasing, blowing patterns and bending techniques that characterise the sound of an authentic Harmonica melody. Peter 'Madcat' Ruth shows you basic breathing patterns that then become the basic 'Train Rhythm' of Harmonica comping. Ruth also demonstrates a variety of hand positions that will enable you to master a good vibrato and the 'Wah Wah' sound.
Such techniques are useless without a good tune to play, and Ruth shows you some of his campfire favourites including Down In The Valley and Camptown Races.


Peter Madcat Ruth gives you a comprehensive lesson to make your Harmonica playing really groove


This easy-to-follow harmonica DVD will take you step by step from first day exercises to playing along with a professional backing track!


Learn authentic blues harmonica styles and techniques from master bluesman Steve Guyger in this special instructional DVD. Steve shares many valuable playing secrets, concepts, and insights into the rich and timeless traditions of blues harp. Joined by celebrated Chicago blues guitarist Billy Flynn, the DVD also features plenty of inspiring and soulful performances. As an added bonus, guitar backing tracks are included so you can jam along! Topics covered include: harmonica history · harmonica basics · harmonica techniques · sound and tone · playing chords · blues progressions · using positions and keys · playing in a band · and more. 1 hr., 14 min.

Harmonica DVD's, learn to play the harmonica with help from the experts. 

A range of DVD's, for learning to play the harmonica, from beginners through to seasoned players there's a tutor dvd or cd that will help you improve your playing technique.