Damien O'Kane and Ron Block Banjophony CD


Banjophony (Damien O'Kane and Ron Block) PRCD48 Release 20th July 2018.
This spectacular debut duo album from Coleraine’s Damien O’Kane and California’s Ron Block - is probably nothing like you could imagine. This record is about the marrying of two different banjo traditions and the union of two cultures - bluegrass and Irish.

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Track Listing

1. Miller's Gin/Potato Anxiety
2. Crafty Collette
3. Battersea Skillet Liquor
4. No Harm Done
5. Banjophony
6. Ode to Aunty Frances
7. Trip to Portugal/Guiseppe's
8. Brown Eyes
9. The Midleton Thief/The Lobster
10. Phoebe's/The Banjo Strikes Back
11. Lucky Rogues/Frantic Inspiration
12. Leiper's Fork
13. Brian Boru's Reel
14. Danish Horde/S.McGee Buys the Farm
15. Waiting for Erin


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