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Violin Parts & Accessories

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Very simple single button design. The excellent Fzone FT-15 clip on chromatic tuner. Very simple to use with a single selector button for on/off and also mode selection. Suitable for any stringed instrument including banjo, guitar, ukulele, violin and others. It just simply clips on to the headstock of your instrument and picks up the vibration to register the exact tuning of your instrument. Please see more details below. Note Eastman guitar not included!

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One of our best sellers for many years. The safe way to prop up your guitar, banjo, octave mandola, bouzouki, cittern etc. In the pub session, studio or at home. Rubber attachments are supplied with the 'Pub Prop' to reduce the internal neck holding area to suit ukulele or fiddle, a bow holding cut out is also integral with the 'Pub Prop'. This handy gadget allows you to support your instruments against a table to enable you to relax in the surroundings. Fits most guitars, a heel protector is included as the base of the guitar will rest on the floor while the neck is supported. Some lighter mandolins, ukes & fiddles will hang from the 'Pub Prop'. Clamps to most tables up to 50.80mm (2") thick. Folds away into a convenient carry case that is also supplied. Please click on, and enlarge the detailed photographs below for user instructions.

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Multi Instrument Wall Hanger (guitar, banjo, uke, violin etc). A wall mounting instrument hanger for most stringed instruments. Attaches via two screw holes. Excellent sturdy quality, rubber protected arms will not mark your instrument. The arms swivel to accomodate different neck widths.


Comfortable shoulder pad for 4/4 and 3/4 violins. Available in black. 


Suitable for many acoustic instruments. The piezo transducers give you the flexibility to acheive the sound you want. The adhesive heads can be positioned to your requirements, internally or externally which lets you place them in places that are comfortable for you, and helps create a balanced sound. The TGAT are supplied with a jack can be fitted permanentely internally or attched externally by the mounting sleeve supplied.


Super flexible Shoulder Rest, adjustable for width and height with integral brass swivel/screw adjusters.


Violin Endpin in Ebony or Rosewood. (Picture shows both options, only 1 supplied)


'Tourte' model rubber violin mute ...A very popular simple to fit and use rubber Violin Mute


Violin chinrest in plastic, Dresden model, with standard clamp fitting feet. For 4/4 violins.

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Rectangular Violin Case - Full Size.Violin case with 2 bow holders in the lid, large accessory box for rosin etc. and fully padded instrument body area. Complete with carrying strap.
These high quality Hiscox 'Liteflite' cases are made in the UK. They are made from a tough ABS material. The construction consists of a moulded, high impact resistant A.B.S. plastic outer shell, bonded directly to an inner moulding manufactured from a unique blend of 'High Tech' cellular foam. This inner moulding is feather light and, being semi-rigid, is designed to soak up impact shocks from the outside world.


Made from solid ebony, A quality violin peg available in six different sizes.

4/4 measurements are:

- diameter at top of the shank: about 9.20mm

- diameter at thinner end: 7.45mm

- shank length: 46mm



Fine quality swiss pattern rosewood pegs, four different inlays available as shown in photo.

(The price is for 1 peg)

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OVNS Shaped Violin Case - Full Size case with 2 bow holders in the lid, box area for rosin etc., 'D' rings for attaching optional carrying strap plus velcro strap to hold shoulder rest within case.


Hidersine 3V, cloth mounted rosin, boxed.


Quality unstamped fitted violin bridge.


Fine quality swiss pattern ebony pegs, four different inlays available as shown in photo..

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OVNC Rectangular Violin Case - Full Size. Violin case with 2 bow holders in the lid, large accessory box for rosin etc. and fully padded instrument body area. Complete with 2 carrying straps. Cover available in three colours..Black, Blue, Burgundy. Please choose from the drop down menu.


'Hiderpaste' for use on slipping pegs, peg fitting compound.


Hidersine 6V, black rosin, cloth mounted, boxed.

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Forte Secondo, with extra adjustment for width. Suitable for 4/4 or 3/4 size violins.Made in the Netherlands, Wolf are the most widely used of all high quality shoulder rests.

Standard model, threaded nylon with brass adjusters.
Wittner Black Violin Adjuster. Standard model, Black finish.

The 'Dampit' humidifier is a simple hygrometric device which offers a degree of protection against cracking and warping.For Violin, Mandolin, Guitars and other timber built instruments. Complete with humidity indicator. Recommended by many leading orchestral players.

Wood bow, round stick, half mounted ebony frog.

Range of accessories for violin including bows, bridges, stands, cases and much more available at Eagle Music Shop.