Banjo Armrests

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A brand new armrest design for Deering Goodtime banjos that is flat and rides lower to the head, thus being very comfortable to the player. This armrest is very easy to install and comes with two specially made j-hooks in order to attach it to the pot. Will also work on other similar banjos.


These arm rests from Beansprouts are reproductions of vintage ones, suitable for most open back banjos. They are made to match an 11" rim, but can be carefully bent to fit other sizes (including banjo ukuleles). Made in the USA. Currently available in raw brass only. Please see the video below for installation instructions. Can also be fitted in our workshop.


Nickel plated ...Gibson style arm rest to fit banjos that have 24 tension hooks (brackets). Complete with flat retaining bar and hexagon holding screw. Excellent polished finish.


Vega style banjo armrest for increased player comfort. Polished Nickel plated finish. Easy installation and fits most banjos. See information below.


Nickel plated ... engraved 'Gibson style' armrest for banjos that have 24 Tension hooks (brackets). Complete with flat retaining bar and hexagon holding screw.Excellent polished finish.


An excellent USA made nickel plated TENOR BANJO armrest that fits neatly adjacent the tailpiece on a Goodtime banjo without any gapping. (See Photo)

The deluxe of banjo armrests! 1930's vintage style with single leg. Solid brass with gleaming nickel-plated, polished finish. Fits most 24-bracket banjo rims.

Gibson style, engraved, chrome plated with double fixing bracket, it will fit most banjos that have 24 tension hooks (brackets)with 11" It comes complete with a flat bracket fixings and square head mounting screws.

Traditional, 1930's-style single-leg armrest fits banjos with standard 24 bracket rims. Made of heavy-duty steel with a polished nickel-plated finish. The perfect prewar look for any old or modern banjos.

Nickel plated, single bracket Deering armrest complete with mounting bolt and bar. For all Deering banjos and other banjos that have 24 brackets / Tension hooks. Simple to fit using a 1/4" AF bracket key. Made of steel, this armrest is comfortable, elegant, and durable.


Top quality Prucha made banjo armrest with double brackets. Nickel plated to a high lustre. Suitable for 24 bracket hook banjos only. Complete with locking plates and bolts.

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The Pisgah Armadillo Armrest is ergonomically designed to improve playing. It is made in the USA at the Pisgah Banjo Company workshop using only native Appalachian Hardwoods.

Fits 11″ and 12″ open-back banjo rims with any bracket spacing.

Banjo armrests are available here at the Eagle Music 'Pickers Paradise' with different bracket spacings.

To ensure that you order the correct size you need to count the brackets (head tensioning hooks) on your banjo. Two cut out notches on the armrest span two of the hooks on your banjo, all our armrests are supplied with fixing bolts and flat bars. The armrest will give you comfort and stability when playing. See also our armrest protectors for keeping your plating pristine ...also a must for players that are allergic to nickel plating