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Kevin Burke passes on his vast knowledge through an in depth study of some of his favourite tunes, styles and techniques. Focusing on polkas, slides and jigs he teaches the basic tune, along with several variations, then shows you the ornaments, grace notes, rolls, double stopsetc. that make this music so distinctive. 90 minutes </p>


A basic guide to style, technique and practice, this complete two DVD course gives you all the basic training you'll need to play authentic bluegrass fiddle.


A true fiddle-playing legend gives you an exclusive close-up on his technique and musical approach in this special DVD. Vassar Clements' superb skills and imaginative musical ideas are slowed down and presented to you by the man himself, accompanied by Bob Hoban.


The powerful rhythms of the Louisiana Cajun tradition can be found all over the world, and this special DVD tutorial gives you a head start in playing the Cajun-style fiddle. The zesty flavours of this distinctive musical genre will blend seamlessly with country, rock and jazz tunes, adding a unique spice to your tunes and improvisations.


Kenny Kosek is one of the finest fiddle players in the US and will have you jamming with friends in no time. You will learn how to play the melody then add slides, drones and double-stop harmonies for authentic bluegrass sounds.

Learn all the great styles and techniques with Charlie Lennon. Bow and finger ornamentation, cuts, rolls, runs, bends, holding the fiddle, bowing techniques, triplets, staccato runs, bow direction, double stopping, regional styles, phrasing and much more. Complete with live stage performances featuring Steve Cooney, Tommy Hayes, Gerry O'Connor and Cormac Breathnach.

DVD's for violin / fiddle including the You Can Teach Yourself Fiddling dvd from Mel Bay.