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RRP £619.00
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Handcrafted and built from all solid tonewoods, the Eastman MD305 is a market leader in A-Style carved top mandolins.
Please see below for technical specification. Left handed model also available


Handcrafted and built from all solid tonewoods, the Eastman MD315 is a market leader in F-Style carved top mandolins. Please see below for technical specification. Left hand option also available.


Individually hand-crafted using time-honored methods & premium hand-carved all solid tonewoods with solid Spruce top, solid Maple back & sides. Ebony fingerboard & adjustable ebony bridge. A-style body with F-holes for warm, ringing tones & excellent sound projection. Tuned GDAE and supplied in a deluxe Eastman gig bag. See below for details

RRP £258.00
Save £39.00

This is a classic Gibson A-style copy mandolin.It is the classic F-hole with a select spruce soundboard top.It has a clear bright sound with fair acoustic projection,but comes into it’s own when plugged-in on-stage. Supplied with padded gig bag.

RRP £231.00
Save £46.01

The Ozark 2001 is an exceptional all solid timber mandolin.It is built and hand finished in Romania.The back and sides are made from solid maple,fitted with a solid spruce soundboard.

RRP £620.00
Save £62.00

The Ozark 2243E electric bouzouki features a distinctive Celtic knot sound hole design with matching wooden fingerboard inlays. This high quality instrument is made of solid wood construction with a solid spruce top and solid mahogany back and sides and fitted with a diecast tailpiece.It is fitted with a quality Artec transducer and EQ for a good amplified sound.

RRP £542.00
Save £103.00

Ozark Celtic model Octave Mandola with Solid Spruce Top and Solid Mahogany Back and Sides. Supplied in quality padded gigbag.

RRP £276.00
Save £57.00

Excellent All Solid Octave Mandola with ornamental soundhole design, rosewood fingerboard,slotted headstock and rear facing geared tuners.

RRP £661.00
Save £82.00

The Ozark Electro Guitar Bouzouki is not only a great cross over instrument for Guitar and Bouzouki players alike but a great sounding Electro/acoustic Bouzouki in its own right. See below for detailed specifications.

RRP £899.99
Save £300.00
The Trinity College Celtic Mandolin is a brand new design for those who prefer the flat top and back mandolin. This type of mandolin has traditionally been used for Celtic, Blues, Old-Timey, Brazilian music, and various other styles. Features Solid Sitka spruce top with oval soundhole provides that bell-bright attack and distinctive Celtic sound, solid maple back and sides produce crisp high notes and resonant mid range tones, slim mahogany neck offers fast, easy action and inherently long-lasting stability, choice tonewood fingerboard ensures silky smooth playability and an elegant abalone Celtic design peghead inlay for a traditional feel. Includes a hardshell case. See below for specifications.
RRP £321.00
Save £52.00

This is a classic Gibson ‘A’ style copy mandolin, built from all solid timbers with a name behind it that represents quality and incredible value for money. It is the classic ‘F’ hole built with a solid spruce top and solid maple back and sides.

RRP £229.00
Save £39.01
The Ozark 2222 Romania is an exceptional value Bouzouki.It is built and hand finished in Romania.The back and sides are made from solid maple,fitted with a solid spruce soundboard.

Hand built from Eastmans 3 series range, all Solid inspired recreation of a unique specialty instrument from the golden age of mandolins. Solid Spruce Top, Solid Maple back & sides with ebony fingerboard & adjustable ebony bridge. Warm & mellow tones with excellent sound projection. Tuned CGDA. Supplied in a deluxe gig bag.

£199.00 Pack price
Bought separately £246.15
Save £47.15
An excellent value pack including everything that you need to get started on the mandolin. This highly discounted pack includes...the Tanglewood TWMTBKPE black teardrop mandolin in striking black gloss finish, a fully padded gigbag, fitted strap, extra set of quality strings, fully chromatic clip-on tuner, tutorial book and plectrums. This mandolin is fitted with a single coil pickup allowing you to plug in and play through an amp also!
£215.99 Pack price
Bought separately £252.14
Save £36.15

A complete pack, with an all solid timber mandolin that has a Solid Spruce Top and Solid Maple Back and Sides. This high value Starter Pack includes the Ozark 2001 flat back mandolin, a padded black nylon gig bag with double padded shoulder straps & zip-up accessory pouch, a Fitted adjustable leather ended shoulder strap, a 'clip-on' chromatic tuner, a mandolin tutor book, a spare set of hand-crafted Eagle-Puretone mandolin strings and a two gauged teardrop plectrums.

RRP £571.00
Save £82.00

Excellent value F style mandolin with Solid Spruce Arched top. Supplied with a padded gigbag.

RRP £199.00
Save £20.00

Union series by Tanglewood, Electro Acoustic Teardrop mandolin with f holes in black gloss finish.

RRP £1,353.00
Save £254.00

Gold Tone Mandocello with Venetian-style cutaway body and Zero Glide Nut. The Mandocello also features a dual pickup system, which includes a jazz-style floating humbucker pickup mounted to the end of the pickguard, and a transducer pickup in the bridge (with volume controls for both on the pickguard), providing a superb plugged-in tone.

RRP £257.00
Save £28.00

'A' style mandolin with a solid spruce top, mahogany back and sides. An excellent entry level or improvers mandolin from Ozark with a low playing action. Supplied with Padded Gig Bag.

RRP £1,014.00
Save £175.00
Electro-Acoustic Octave Mandolin from Gold Tone with solid spruce top and mahogany back and sides. Tuned one octave lower than a standard mandolin, the Gold Tone OM-800+ has a low action and a thin neck for rapid playing. Hard case included.

Handcrafted and built from All Solid tonewoods, the Eastman MD304 has an oval sound hole for a more round liquid tone.
Please see below for technical specification. Left hand also available, please choose from options below

RRP £410.00
Save £61.00

The 2355 F-style Mandolin is a well equiped addition to Ozarks colourful new range. Featuring a solid spruce top and solid maple back and sides, the 2355 blends a time-honoured design with a contemporary finish and high quality fittings to match. 


Union series by Tanglewood, F Style Electro Acoustic Mandolin with a spruce top in a vintage sunburst satin finish.

The Eastman MD615 is a top quality 'gigging' mandolin for the pro and serious amateur. Fitted with a KnK pickup,the beautifully crafted curves and perfect playing action delivers superb tone and playability. See below for detailed specification.