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Emotion and Expression - the two primal forces of music. A good musical instrument leads you directly to them. The melodica is such an instrument – full of expressivity and incredibly easy to play. Its piano keyboard is one of the most widespread and easiest ways to articulate melodies and harmonies. Rhythm and dynamics are directly controlled by your breath, naturally ebbing and flowing right through you.

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2 voice, 48 bass, 26 treble keys. Complete with hardshell case. The Stephanelli 48 bass accordion is light and compact, it features a 26 key treble keyboard. Comes complete with plush lined hardshell case and straps. Now with German Reeds.

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3 voice, 72 bass, 34 treble key piano accordion with three treble couplers. The Stephanelli 72 bass piano accordion is a three voice instrument with 34 treble keys. Complete with hardshell case. It is our most popular seller, and probably the best selling accordion in the UK.
The AirBoard, a portable, air powered, keyboard instrument. With its cool new appearance, striking padded travel bag and redesigned BlowFlow™ mouthpiece, the AirBoard is designed for a new generation of musicians. Supplied with Padded Gig Bag.
The ‘Clifden’ is probably the most sought after piano accordion in the traditional music world, It is a unique 60 bass from Saltarelle with an extremely fast action 35 treble keyboard with the advantage of starting on an extra note of 'D'. Beautiful finished cherry wood casing. Please see more details below …

The ‘Cleggan’ is the latest world class 72 bass piano accordion from Saltarelle, it is destined to be one of the finest and most sought after piano accordions in the traditional music world, It is a unique 72 bass, 3 voice hand made instrument with an extremely fast action 35 treble keyboard in a beautiful cherry wood casing . Please see more details below …


For those who want a small and light accordion while benefiting from some power with a third low octave voice the Awen is the way to go. Awen is an ancient Gaelic word that stands for "Inspiration".

Used but As New. Supplied with original hard case.


Mint condition Hohner Atlantic IV 120 bass piano accordion with trolley case

Piano accordion range at Eagle including models from Hohner, Saltarelle, Stephanelli and starter packs, plus spares, repairs, music and tutor.