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Harmonica Harnesses

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The GECKO harmonica holder comes with a practical magnetic mount, quick-drop functionality and all possible adjustment options - developed for stress-free playing - a must-have for all harmonica loving guitar players. The GECKO Harmonica Holder is handmade in the USA by PETE FARMER exclusively for SEYDEL harmonicas.


Flexrack is the first product to allow optimal adjustment of harmonica playing angles and positions in order to suit individual player ergonomics without any tools.


Quality harmonica holder from Konig & Meyer. Play your harmonica hands free with this high quality harness. Sits comfortably about your neck. The professionals choice …
The beauty of this holder is the large easy to operate ‘locking knobs’ that hold the harness in the position where you set it …The larger ‘knobs are much more sturdy than the wing nuts found on other harnesses. Fits most harmonicas.
Engineered and made in Germany by Konig & Meyer from Best quality materials.Will fit harmonicas up to 190mm long (7 1/2")

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The Lee Oskar 10HH is a compact nickel plated neck supported harmonica holder designed to take a single 10 hole diatonic harmonica. Two thumb screws give positive non slip positioning.


Particularly suitable for blues harmonica models. Molded rubber sections on the support arms hold the instrument securely. Easily adjusted by spring tension and two knurled screws. The neck frame has a soft rubber covering for extra comfort.Will fit harmonicas up to 190mm long (7 1/2")

  • Hand made in the UK

This is the latest, updated design of the Bullet Buddy 'hands-free amplified' harmonica system.
This new Bullet Buddy has an improved print quality and is made from a flexible but very tough material (TPU). It has been designed with hands-free use specifically in mind. It is smaller than the original Bullet Buddy and is more comfortable to use in a neck rack^. It omits the sound chamber of the original Bullet Buddy's design so that the mic's element is brought as close as possible to the harmonica for maximum 'compression' of the sound. Mic or harmonica not included

Useful 'on stage' belt pack from Hohner, to carry six 10 hole diatonic harmonicas. A quality, well made harmonica accessory from Hohner, Germany. Has easily adjustable 'snap-clip' waist or shoulder strap.
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Lightweight harmonica holder featuring a stainless steel holding clip and comfortably contoured harness. The holding
clip fits all 10 to 14 hole harmonicas. This design allows for height & angle adjustments.


Quality nickel harmonica holder from Konig & Meyer. Play your harmonica hands free with this high quality harness. Sits comfortably about your neck. Has positive screw lock.
Will fit harmonicas up to 190mm long (7 1/2")

A range of harmonica harnesses essential to improving your playing style, models from Tombo, Jim Dunlop, Konig & Meyer and Hohner.

Play your harmonica hands free with a harmonica harness. Most sit comfortably about your neck and fit most types of harmonica via adjusters.