The Kruger Brothers Appalachian Concerto CD

Composed in 2010, the Appalachian Concerto is a work for banjo, bass, guitar, and string quartet. Innovative, challenging, and beautiful, the piece takes the ensemble playing the Kruger Brothers are famous for to an entirely new level of musicianship.

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From the first notes to the last cadence, the piece celebrates Appalachia—the history, the landscape, and the culture—in a way that only the Kruger Brothers can.

Tracks on this amazing new CD were played during The Kruger Brothers Concert at The Eagle Music Banjo Event which you can view here.

The Appalachian Concerto is a very different kind of recording for the Kruger Brothers, and is without any tru precedents within their catalogue to date. Still if there are any real surprises in this work, perhaps the greatest is yhow entirely natural and obvious it was to pair the Kruger Brothers with a string quartet.

Track Listing

1st Movement:

1. Morning At Deep Gap 2:52
2. E Pluribus Unum 6:41
3. Wild Horses 2:57

2nd Movement:

4. As Far As The Eye Can See 4:32
5. Gone, But Not Forgotten 7:21

3rd Movement:

6. The New Country 5:03

Below is video footage of the 1st Movement, recorded at the Kruger Brothers Concert here at Eagle Music on May 28th 2011.


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