Harmonica advice or beginners through to accomplished players, here the experts at Eagle Music Shop provide a series of articles to ensure your love for your harmonica is even more fulfilling.

  • A Brief History of Harmonica Harnesses
    Harmonica Advice

    A Brief History of Harmonica Harnesses

    From folk legends to modern-day musicians, here is a brief history of harmonica harnesses. 

  • Looking after your Harmonica
    Harmonica Advice

    How to care for your Harmonica, the ultimate Eagle Music harmonica maintenance guide

    In this detailed guide we explain how to care for your harmonica through a series of maintenance steps. Get the most from your harmonica with our easy-to-apply harmonica care techniques.

  • Anatomy of the Harmonica
    Harmonica Advice

    Anatomy of the Harmonica

    Here we explain the anatomy of the harmonica and all the parts that go to making them up. Ever wondered what the comb is, or what its made of? What are Reeds, Reedplates and Cover plates. All the answers are here.

  • Harmonica Jargon Simplified and Explained
    Harmonica Advice

    Harmonica Jargon Simplified and Explained

    Bending? Windsavers? Airtight ?....what do they all mean? Here we take a look at the terminology and words used to describe the worlds most popular instrument and all that goes into them.