Battle Plan 'Bullet Buddy' Hands Free Harmonica and Mic Holder for Hohner HB52 Model

Battle Plan
Code: Bullet Buddy

This is the latest, updated design of the Bullet Buddy 'hands-free amplified' harmonica system.
This new Bullet Buddy has an improved print quality and is made from a flexible but very tough material (TPU). It has been designed with hands-free use specifically in mind. It is smaller than the original Bullet Buddy and is more comfortable to use in a neck rack^. It omits the sound chamber of the original Bullet Buddy's design so that the mic's element is brought as close as possible to the harmonica for maximum 'compression' of the sound. Mic or harmonica not included

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More Key Features
  • Hand made in the UK


Supported Harmonicas

The Bullet Buddy is flexible and very tough. It can be used with most major brands of 10 hole diatonic harmonica with standard metal cover-plates. It has been designed for and tested with the following models.

  • Hohner Special 20
  • Hohner Rocket & Rocket Amp
  • Hohner Marine Band (Crossover)
  • Lee Oskar / Tombo
  • Suzuki Manji
  • Seydel 1847
  • Seydel Session Steel

Other types of diatonic harmonica such as the Lucky13 or the 6-hole BabyFat may also work but have not been tested by us. Unusual, funky and custom harmonica designs such as the Yonberg or Turboharp, or ones with custom cover-plates such as Black Rock Harmonicas are not supported.

Supported Microphones

  • Hohner HB52 'Harp Blaster'

The Bullet Buddy has been designed to fit the Konig & Meyer 14615 neck rack specifically. Other types of neck rack may also be suitable but have not been tested by Battle Plan

More information about Battle Plan Harmonica accessories

Eaglemusic have been supplying harmonicas for many years, if there is a quality product available to enhance and help your playing then we love to promote and stock it where we can. Ben got in touch and asked us if we were interested in stocking them, after sending us some samples it was clear that it was a well made and clever product and a good edition to our listings.

 Battle Plan Harmonica Accessories was started by Ben Reese in 2018 after buying a Shure 520DX "Green Bullet" mic and finding that there were no satisfactory solutions available for keeping the thing on a mic stand.

"I front a Rock Covers Band 'Bite The Bullet', but I don't need my harp mic all the time. When Im not using it, I want it to stay safe and within easy reach, not on the floor where it will get kicked around, or balanced on a guitar cab. unable to find anything elese suitable, I designing my own Harp Mic Holder  - The Ammo Clip 520. I also fancied having my harps mounted to my mic stand as well, so the V2 Harp Launcher was born too."

Pretty soon people began to ask for holders that would fit other kinds of harp mic and had other ideas for harp boxes and 'hands free'  solutions that Ben was only to happy to help design.

So this is mostly the way Battle Plan Harmonica Accessories are created. Someone who is unable to find what they need elsewhere contacts us with their idea and we do our best to help them to find a solution. Then we make that solution available to everyone or customize it further according to each customer's specific needs. Almost all of our products have been created following a specific request from someone for a cool piece of kit.

If you have your own idea for something that you need that you can't find elsewhere we would love to hear from you.

Ben Reese

Notes on The Environment from Battle Plan

* We care about the environment and do everything we can to minimize our impact. * Our 3D products are made from a biodegradable (but still durable) plant based plastic called Poly Lactic Acid (PLA). They will last for many years, but not thousands.

* We partner with TerraCycle to recycle as much as possible of our 3d printing waste.

 * Our 3D printers run on electricity from 100% renewable resources including Solar PV that we generate ourselves.  

* We try to use the minimum amount of packaging to ensure safe shipping and wherever possible use, reuse and recycle packaging that comes to us. * We also partner with suppliers like LIL Packaging to ensure that when we do buy packaging it is sustainably sourced and recyclable.


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