Konig & Meyer Black Professional Harmonica Holder

Konig & Meyer

Quality harmonica holder from Konig & Meyer. Play your harmonica hands free with this high quality harness. Sits comfortably about your neck. The professionals choice …
The beauty of this holder is the large easy to operate ‘locking knobs’ that hold the harness in the position where you set it …The larger ‘knobs are much more sturdy than the wing nuts found on other harnesses. Fits most harmonicas.
Engineered and made in Germany by Konig & Meyer from Best quality materials.Will fit harmonicas up to 190mm long (7 1/2")

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For various harmonica models. Elegant harmonica holder with professional features. Fully adjustable spring-tension instrument holder. Neck frame is covered with exclusive soft rubber material for more comfort.


  • Fits most harmonicas …Will fit harmonicas up to 190mm long (7 1/2") the gripping plates are long enough to grip harmonicas from 10 hole diatonics to 16 hole chromatics.


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Harmonica Harnesses
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Customer reviews

4.3 / 5
3 reviews for Konig & Meyer Black Professional Harmonica Holder
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Gill Slade
Th eproduct does what it says it does and is well made. It would be good also to see some accessories ie: soft nexk support to put arund teh plastic at the back of the neck
Rated 4 out of 5
Ian Fewtrell-Smith
Does what it says although I have seen others comment on the difficulty in getting the knobs tight enough to avoid movement of the harmonica without adding a split washer in the hinged joint.
Rated 4 out of 5
William Sinclair
Fits my Seydel Low D, which my old Jim Dunlop harness doesn't. Now I can have 2 keys ready to do a quick change on stage.
Rated 5 out of 5