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Easy Peasy Tunes

Mallinson, D Easy Peasy Tunes

This book of 101 easy tunes for any melody instrument has been compiled to give beginners and novices an accessible source of easy tunes. These easy but interesting tunes will give enormous pleasure to both player and listener. Only 14 notes are required to play all 101 tunes, which include folk melodies and Irish tunes.

  • £8.95
George Formby Songbook

Formby, George George Formby Songbook

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In this outstanding words and music book you will find the best of George Formby's numbers, including 'Chinese Laundry Blues', 'When I'm Cleaning Windows', 'Little Ukulele', 'Leaning On A Lamp Post'...and many others. Every song is arranged for piano/vocal, with chord symbols and 'uke' boxes.

  • £14.95
Old Time Fiddling

Reiner, D Old-time Fiddling Across America

A unique collection of 66 fiddle tunes illustrating the major regional styles found across America and Canada. This book contains rare vintage photographs, player's biographical profiles, historical and performance notes, bowing indications, and information on cross-tunings and the American institution of fiddle contests. The authors have collaborated brilliantly on this labor of love to produce a definitive volume of tunes transcribed from recordings by many of the best fiddlers in North Americ

  • £22.00
Songs of Percy French, The

French, P Songs of Percy French, The

A member of the Irish gentry, William Percy French after taking his degree, turned to the life of a strolling entertainer, becoming a most prolific writer of comedy songs, many of which are now accepted as part of the Irish folk song heritage. James N. Healy has brought together all his known songs together with notes as to how they came to be written. Words, music and chords.

  • £5.99
North West Morris

Mallinson, D North West Morris

Edited by Carolyn Wade, this book, containing 57 traditional tunes, presents a core repertoire, with chords, for North West morris musicians. It is also particularly suitable for novice musicians and also as a source of easy country dance tunes. Soundtrack available.

  • £8.95
Songs and Dances of Scotland

WISE Songs and Dances of Scotland

A collection of songs from Scotland's rich musical heritage. Each song is complete with full lyrics, chord symbols and guitar chord diagrams. Includes Charlie is My Darling, Leezie Lindsay, Loch Lomond and The Skye Boat Song.

  • £10.95
Kate Rusby Songbook, The

Rusby, K The Kate Rusby Songbook

First published in 2001, this book has become a best seller worldwide. A beautiful book, and a must for any song collection.

  • £14.00
Band Swing

Mac, P Band Swing

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Edited by piano accordion player Pete Mac, Band Swing is an indispensible source book for musicians playing in folk dance bands, who need suitable, playable tunes which work well together.

  • £11.95

Rusby, Kate Kate Rusby Songbook Two

Finally - Songbook TWO is here! Songs from Underneath the Stars onwards. Forty six songs from Kate’s repertoire, some traditional, some original. Includes the Christmas material from Sweet Bells.

  • £14.00

Michael Raven English Folk Guitar Book 2

All the recordings on the companion CD to this book were made in the acoustically dead lounge of my cottage in Ashley in early 2006. The guitar was my custom made Lowden, a large bodied steel-strung instrument with a lively sound. The microphone was an Audio Technics AT4030 (cardioid condenser), and was placed about 2 feet to the front of the guitar at an angle of 45%. The recorder was a Tascam DAP1, a portable DAT machine. Absolutely no effects were used - no reverberation, no compression, no equalisation nothing at all, and every track was recorded with the identical set up. The only exceptions are Polly Gale's Tarantella, Trecynon Polka and The Woods of Zamora, which were taken from previously published CDs and were recorded on my Ramirez classical guitar. All the Lowden recordings were made whilst I suffered an affliction that continues as I write. The nerve that controls my little and ring fingers of my left hand was affected by my diabetes causing numbness, extreme tiredness and weakness. Like Django Rheinhardt I had to devise alternative fingerings and adapt the music a little in some places. I practised dementedly and am quite content with the result. The major adjustment I made was to lower the strings by two tones to lessen the tension and make them less difficult to hold down. This, of course, is a common practice in folk circles. Nic Jones and Martin Simpson, amongst many other players, have been doing this for years. I then placed a capo at the 4th fret to restore concert pitch. This was primarily for the benefit of non-folk players who are bemused and confused by the numerous tunings and pitch levels used by some folk guitarists. The set-up I settled on also has the great advantage that the capo can be moved down as well as up to allow for the singing ranges of different voices.

  • £13.45
101 Three Chord

Mel Bay 101 Three-Chord Hymns and Gospel Songs: For Guitar, Banjo and Uke

You need only minimal playing skills and three chords; G, C and D7 to accompany the beautiful songs of faith in this innovative book. If you are a beginning or "casual" player on a chording instrument, this is the book for you. The book is bursting with a great variety of timeless standards your entire family will enjoy. An outstanding collection of innovation arrangements made playable for folks who play for their own enjoyment. Melody and lyrics are included with all songs.

  • £14.99

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