Owen Hackett Irish Music Banjo Tutor Book

Learn To Play 'Irish Tenor Banjo' one of the best and simplest Irish tenor banjo tutor books ever written...by all Ireland champion Owen Hackett.

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Steve Noon our company owner writes ...I first met Owen at an all Ireland fleadh many years ago! ...When Owen showed me his 'Banjo Tutor'  I was impressed  to see how his unique simple notation system relative to music notation, made it easier for non-music readers to learn tunes.The book is excellent for beginners starting to play G,D,A,E tuning Irish tenor banjo.

Owen has been teaching the banjo since the mid 1970s. He also won four senior all Ireland medals playing the irish tenor banjo ...three solo playing and one with a ceili trio. This tutor will be welcomed by teachers and students of the banjo alike. It presents a great variety of tunes - airs, marches, polkas, jigs and reels - all specially chosen and styled for the irish tenor banjo.

The book gives detailed help and advice on the best techniques to use with each tune, and follows a progressive path from an introduction to the banjo ...How to choose a banjo, how to choose and use a plectrum etc. right up to the playing stage, all the time building on what has been learned as well as presenting a new challenge for the learner. Owen has been playing the Irish tenor banjo for over 30 years. In that time he has played widely and built up a large repertoire of Irish music. he also has a number of fine compositions to his credit, and some of these are included here.

Owen has a nice easy traditional style, soft and sympathetic to the music. This tutor will be of great assistance to the young and old alike who are students of the banjo. It will give them first hand help form one of Irelands finest Irish tenor banjo players. With key charts for many other instruments.


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Michael Stanfield
This is a great tutor for all abilities, not just beginners. It's suitable for tenor banjo but also any melody instrument used for Irish music
Rated 5 out of 5