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Eagle Puretone Strings

Eagle-Puretone Pick Your Own Custom Mandolin String Set

  • (1)

Can't see which strings you want on our Mandolin strings page? Why not create your very own "Custom Gauge" Mandolin string set. Click below to select string type then see details below for how to select your string gauges.

  • £9.99

D'Addario EJ74 Phosphor Mandolin Medium

  • (1)

EJ74, D'Addario's best selling mandolin set, is the standard established by David Grisman and Ricky Skaggs. Warm and bright phosphor bronze tone with the optimal blend of tight playing tension and strong projection. Loopend construction for universal fit.

  • £8.95
  • RRP £10.10
  • Save £1.15

Martin M400 Mandolin Strings

  • (1)

Martin mandolin strings are ideally suited for musicians who need strings with rich, warm tones and brilliant, long lasting trebles. Martin Mandolin strings are made with tin plated steel core wire and bronzed wrap wire.Loop ended. 80/20 Bronze.

  • £5.75
  • RRP £6.25
  • Save £0.50
D'Addario EJ73

D'Addario EJ73 Phosphor Mandolin Light 10-38

  • (1)

EJ73, D'Addario's most popular light gauge mandolin set, delivers warm and bright phosphor bronze tone with just the right amount of tension for easy playability and projection. Loopend construction for universal fit.

  • £8.95
  • RRP £10.10
  • Save £1.15
Elixir Mandolin Medium

Elixir Mandolin Medium 11-40 Loop Ended

  • (3)

Thanks to a patented ultra-thin NANOWEB® Coating, Elixir® Strings for mandolin retain their full range of tone longer than any other string, uncoated or coated, according to those who play them. All the mandolin strings feature looped ends and the 80/20 bronze-wound strings deliver unsurpassed definition and sustain.

  • £16.99

D'Addario EJ75 Mandolin Phosphor Bronze Medium Strings

  • (1)

EJ75, D'Addario's heaviest gauge mandolin set, was designed in cooperation with Ronnie McCoury, who's hard driving, percussive style requires increased tension for maximum volume. Loopend construction for universal fit.

  • £8.95
  • RRP £10.10
  • Save £1.15

D'Addario EXP74 Phosphor Coated Mandolin Medium

EXP74, D'Addario's best selling coated mandolin set, is the EXP coated version of the standard J74 set played by the likes of David Grisman and Ricky Skaggs.

  • £16.50
  • RRP £18.70
  • Save £2.20

D'Addario EJ67 Mandolin Nickel

  • (2)

D'Addario EJ67 mandolin strings are great for electric or acoustic mandolin playing. EJ67 mandolin strings are wound with nickelplated steel, known for its distinctive bright tone and excellent projection.

  • £8.69
  • RRP £9.80
  • Save £1.11

Mandolin string sets from Eagle-Puretone, D'Addario, Ernie Ball, Elixir and more. Wide range of guages available at Eagle Music Shop.


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