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Fast Fret

Fast Fret 'Fast Fret' String Cleaner

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Fast Fret String Protector And Cleaner ...This product really does work. It brings to life dull strings and is also very useful for prolonging the life of strings from new, especially for players who have 'rusty fingers.' ( this is an engineering term …it refers to a person that has moist hands, when they touch metal it tarnishes and rusts)

  • £6.50
Lem Oil

Kyser 'Lem Oil' Fingerboard Treatment Oil

  • (1)

Kyser Lem Oil ...fingerboard treatment oil …'lemon Oil' nourishes and protects your instrument fingerboard against drying out and cracking, it also enhanses the look of your instrument.

  • £4.49
  • RRP £5.00
  • Save £0.51

Kyser Wood Polish for Instruments

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Kyser Polish ...Use to clean and polish your gloss finished instrument without leaving a sticky residue or smears.

  • £4.49
  • RRP £5.00
  • Save £0.51
PLanet Waves Lemon Oil

Planet Waves Lemon Oil

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Planet Waves Lemon Oil is a natural cleaner formulated to remove dirt, grease and wax build-up. Lemon Oil also conditions to resist dryness and extend the life of your instrument. Recommended for use on unfinished woods.

  • £4.45
  • RRP £4.99
  • Save £0.54

String and Cleaner 'Special Electric' 'Special Packs'

This special pack contains a set of Ernie Ball electric guitar strings, a pack of 'Fast Fret' string cleaner, a string winder and a self adhesive plectrum holder and also a gauged set of three 'Eagle' plectrums ..

  • £11.26

Guitar cleaners & polishes available at Eagle Music Shop. Kyser, Fast Fret, Planet Waves, Martin and more.


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