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Kate Rusby Songbook, The

Rusby, K The Kate Rusby Songbook

First published in 2001, this book has become a best seller worldwide. A beautiful book, and a must for any song collection. Inclues melodies, chords, song notes and photos.

  • £14.00
George Formby Songbook

Formby, George George Formby Songbook

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In this outstanding words and music book you will find the best of George Formby's numbers, including 'Chinese Laundry Blues', 'When I'm Cleaning Windows', 'Little Ukulele', 'Leaning On A Lamp Post'...and many others. Every song is arranged for piano/vocal, with chord symbols and 'uke' boxes.

  • £14.95

Rusby, Kate Kate Rusby Songbook Two

Finally - Songbook TWO is here! Songs from Underneath the Stars onwards. Forty six songs from Kate’s repertoire, some traditional, some original. Includes the Christmas material from Sweet Bells. Includes melodies, chords, song notes and photos.

  • £14.00

Faber Folk Fest

Over 40 traditional and contemporary songs from the world of folk and folk-rock, all presented with complete lyrics and a detailed chord guide.

  • £8.99

Michael Raven West Midlands' Ballads

This book is a collection of ballads, which begs the question: What is a ballad? Forget the modern usage, meaning 'a slow, sentimental song'. This is a misuse of the ancient word 'baler' derived from the Old French via Middle English, meaning to dance, and later used as a poem or song performed as an accompaniment to dancing. These usually narrated a popular story and today the story element is the prime feature. If a song tells a story it can be called a ballad.

  • £17.95
The Best Christmas Songbook

Wise Publications The Best Christmas Songbook Ever

All your favourite songs and carols in one wonderful, carefully selected edition. Newly arranged and engraved for piano, voice and guitar, these 49 songs set the mood for the festive season.

  • £14.95

Kate Rusby Kate Rusby Songbook 3 Christmas

2016. KATE RUSBY SONGBOOK 3 CHRISTMAS is a book of written music (single line melodies and chord letter symbols) and lyrics containing songs from Kate’s 3 Christmas albums; The Frost is all Over, While Mortals Sleep and Sweet Bells. Thirty four songs from Kate’s repertoire. Kate’s Christmas concerts have become as much a part of the festivities as Christmas pudding itself! Now you can have your very own songbook so you can sing along.

  • £14.00
Shanties of the Seven Seas

Hugill, S Shanties of the Seven Seas

Compiled by Andrew Gant. 133 pages of the most popular songs accompanied by musical notation with guitar chords. 8 extra pages of notes on the songs.

  • £19.95
100 English Folksongs

Sharp, C 100 English Folksongs

Edited by Cecil J. Sharp, for medium voice. Sharp was one of the most renowned musicologists in the area of true folksong, and these 100 songs were collected by him from source singers throughout Britain. 236 pages.

  • £15.95
library of folk songs

Amsco Library of Folk Songs

A collection of favourite folk songs from around the world. The words & music to over 130 songs, written in treble and bass cleff with guitar chords.

  • £16.95

WISE 101 Folk Songs for Buskers

A great selection of traditional favourites in melody line arrangements complete with guitar chords and lyrics. Titles include 'Blow The Man Down', and 'Where Have All The Flowers Gone'.

  • £14.95
Songs and Dances of England

WISE Songs and Dances of England

A collection of songs from England's rich musical heritage. Each song is complete with full lyrics, chord symbols and guitar chord diagrams. Includes The Vicar of Brae, Maggie May, Give Me the Punch Ladle and All Around My Hat.

  • £10.95
Ukulele Christmas Songbook

Lee 'Drew' Andrews Ukulele Christmas Songbook

Featuring 28 well-known Christmas songs arranged for ukulele with chord symbols for an accompaniment instrument. Book contains chord diagrams for ukulele and guitar as well as common strum patterns to use for rhythm backup. All songs are arranged in standard notation and tablature for ukulele Printable Version Product Description: Featuring 28 well-known Christmas songs arranged for ukulele with chord symbols for an accompaniment instrument. Book contains chord diagrams for ukulele and guitar as well as common strum patterns to use for rhythm backup. All songs are arranged in standard notation and tablature for ukulele.

  • £7.99

Michael Raven English Folk Guitar Book 1

Off the record transcriptions of 44 songs and guitar solos in tablature and staff notation including: Canadee 1-0 Nic Jones Glorishears Martin Carthy Spanish Morris Mike Raven Naked Highwayman Steve Tilston Bransle Gay John Renbourne Edited by Micha

  • £12.95

Michael Raven English Folk Guitar Book 2

All the recordings on the companion CD to this book were made in the acoustically dead lounge of my cottage in Ashley in early 2006. The guitar was my custom made Lowden, a large bodied steel-strung instrument with a lively sound. The microphone was an Audio Technics AT4030 (cardioid condenser), and was placed about 2 feet to the front of the guitar at an angle of 45%. The recorder was a Tascam DAP1, a portable DAT machine. Absolutely no effects were used - no reverberation, no compression, no equalisation nothing at all, and every track was recorded with the identical set up. The only exceptions are Polly Gale's Tarantella, Trecynon Polka and The Woods of Zamora, which were taken from previously published CDs and were recorded on my Ramirez classical guitar. All the Lowden recordings were made whilst I suffered an affliction that continues as I write. The nerve that controls my little and ring fingers of my left hand was affected by my diabetes causing numbness, extreme tiredness and weakness. Like Django Rheinhardt I had to devise alternative fingerings and adapt the music a little in some places. I practised dementedly and am quite content with the result. The major adjustment I made was to lower the strings by two tones to lessen the tension and make them less difficult to hold down. This, of course, is a common practice in folk circles. Nic Jones and Martin Simpson, amongst many other players, have been doing this for years. I then placed a capo at the 4th fret to restore concert pitch. This was primarily for the benefit of non-folk players who are bemused and confused by the numerous tunings and pitch levels used by some folk guitarists. The set-up I settled on also has the great advantage that the capo can be moved down as well as up to allow for the singing ranges of different voices.

  • £13.45
library of childrens classic songs

Amsco Library of Children's Song Classics

<p>Over 200 all-time favourite children's songs. Nowhere else will you find gathered together so many favourite animal songs, storybook songs, counting songs, silly songs, holiday songs, lullabies, dances marches, rounds, and songs from around the world.

  • £16.95
The Folksongs Book

Hal Leonard Folksongs Book, The

133 Songs from around the world including 'Auld Lang Syne', 'Danny Boy', 'Greensleeves', 'Hava Nagila', 'This Train'. Arranged for Easy Guitar.

  • £9.95

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