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RRP £389.00
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An all solid Mahogany Baritone with a rich tone. Front and back body bindings and a hardwood overlay on the peghead make this an instrument fit for a pro. Choose from Matte or Gloss finish below (Matte finish shown)


Each TK-15W has its unique pattern of wood grains, making it a very striking looking instrument as well as having the usual Ohana excellent build quality, featuring a gloss finish. (Note the grain pattern will vary from images) shown See below for specs

RRP £379.00
Save £110.00

All solid Premium Mahogany concert ukulele in the Martin 3M style. Featuring a very attractive vintage finish. It's all-solid construction provides this concert with a very bright and balanced sound.


The Ohana CKS-22E thin body concert ukulele features a solid Spruce top, Mahogany back and sides, and an under-saddle passive pick-up, great lightweight electro uke for travelling. Plug in and play anywhere. See below for specs

RRP £499.99
Save £110.99

All solid Cedar and Rosewood bring terrific sound to this lovely tenor ukulele from Ohana. In deep gloss finish.

RRP £339.99
Save £90.99

The Ohana SK-39 features premium solid Mahogany, with multi black and white purfling and Maple binding. Its all-solid construction provides this soprano with a very bright and balanced sound, producing really good sustain and resonance. Based on the Martin 3M design soprano uke. See below for specs.

RRP £229.00
Save £60.00

Perfectly finished in every way and a top-tier choice for the discriminating player! Solid mahogany body set off with Hardwood details.Satin finish with geared side tuners

RRP £579.99
Save £140.00

The CK-35CG-CL is an all-solid Mahogany concert ukulele designed in collaboration with ukulele artist and YouTuber, Cynthia Lin. Featuring an all-solid Mahogany build which means that it’ll project more and become richer with age. A high gloss finish helps protect the wood while providing just a bit of flash on stage, while the Venetian cut-away allows for an excellent reach on chord progression. Supplied with a deluxe Ohana twill hardshell case and a LaBella Low G string for those who prefer it.

RRP £339.99
Save £80.99

A very attractive baritone ukulele from Ohana with a Solid Spruce Top and rosewood back and sides. Also featuring a slotted headstock.

RRP £399.00
Save £110.00

Double the strings for double the fun! Two strings for each note means twice the fun with the Ohana 8-string “Taro-patch” ukulele. Octave pairings on G and C, partnered with double course E and A strings, provides plenty of volume and range for your collection, with a satin finish to complete the classic look.

RRP £499.00
Save £130.00

Based on a classic acoustic guitar pairing, the BK-50G is a gorgeous example of an all solid pairing in Cedar and Rosewood. The ukuleles in this series have some of the warmest, richest voices in the line and also exhibit excellent sustain. Wood binding hems in pearlescent purfling, all finished in high gloss. A favorite of dealers, artists, and listeners, it is one of the most excellent sounding ukuleles on the market.

RRP £439.99
Save £100.99

Ohanas PKT-70G All Solid Pineaple tenor ukulele. Solid spruce lends brightness and an additional bit of pluck and punch to the pineapples in Ohanas 70G series. To lend a bit of further sparkle and shine, we’ve chosen an abalone rosette and purfling throughout the top. This all solid build boasts a high gloss finish -- making these ukes as pretty as they are sweet sounding.

RRP £279.99
Save £70.99

The Ohana CK-14-CLE is a special collaboration between Ohana ukulele artist & YouTube sensation, Cynthia Lin, to create a ukulele for the discerning student. Features all mahogany with a floral inlay and Cynthias headstock signature. Also fitted with a passive pickup! The pack includes the uke, Ohana gig bag, pen and sticker. See below for specs.

RRP £459.99
Save £100.99

For our left-handed players! The Ohana -35G’s are the core line of Ohana, crafted in mahogany with a gloss finish. All solid, these ukuleles are a commitment to quality and detail. This series also offers a cutaway + active pickup option for those who are ready to perform.

RRP £318.00
Save £103.00

Attractive concert ukulele with a solid cedar top and a willow body.

RRP £409.99
Save £90.99

A cedar top and a rosewood body combine to create rich, sweet tones on this gloss finished concert model from Ohana.

RRP £529.99
Save £140.99

Solid spruce top with flamed Koa solid back and sides make for a bright sound, with a wood binding creates a crisp contrast.Attractive design and stunning sound for any ukulele player wanting that bit more.

RRP £269.00
Save £70.00

A sweet sounding Baritone ukulele with Solid Mahogany Top and Geared Tuners.The baritone is usually tuned to D3 G3 B3 E4, which is the same as the highest four strings of the standard 6-string guitar. Please see below for specification details.

RRP £499.00
Save £120.00

An outstanding deluxe Hand-Crafted concert ukulele with a Solid spruce top and Solid flamed maple back and sides, detailed with beautiful Abalone, front and back. Limited edition! Please see below for more details and build specification.

RRP £779.00
Save £159.01

The sparkle of Abalone detailing makes this solid koa ukulele beautiful looking and sounding. Top-quality koa and hand-crafted details set off by a deep gloss finish. Supplied with the Ohana UCH-24 deluxe hardshell black case.

RRP £618.00
Save £109.00

Electro Acoustic Bass Ukulele with Fishman Presys pickup and Preamp. Includes an Ohana deluxe padded gig bag. Now fitted with Nickel wound strings not phosphor bronze as pictured.

RRP £359.00
Save £120.00

High quality tenor uke from Ohana in all solid mahogany. Available in Matt or Gloss finish.

RRP £319.99
Save £70.99

A truly innovative and unique instrument— the Ohana BKT-70G offers a baritone body with a booming voice while its tenor scale maintains the classic GCEA ukulele tuning. The baritone shaped body allows for more projection, sustain, and bass tones, while the tenor scale of the neck maintains the same fingering as a classic ukulele. Featuring a Solid Spruce Top and Mahogany back and sides. Please note the Stagg and TGI semi rigid baritone cases wont fit this instrument.

RRP £229.00
Save £60.00

Perfectly finished in every way and a top-tier choice for the discriminating player! Solid mahogany body set off with hardwood details.