Zero Glide ZS-8 for Banjo Slotted

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Zero Glide Replacement Nut Systems borrow the “zero fret” concept to reduce nut friction by 93% increasing tuning stability, playability, and open string tone. Easily installs in minutes with no permanent alteration to your fretted instrument whatsoever.

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  • Length: 37.0mm (1-29/64")
  • Radius: FLAT
  • Production Height: 8.5mm (21/64")
  • End Height: 8.5mm (21/64")
  • Fingerboard: 6.5mm (1/4")
  • Thickness: 4.9mm (3/16")
  • Fret Sizes: L,M,H,J
  • String Spacing: 25.4mm (1")
  • String Gauges: .026", .018", .016", .013"
Each kit includes ZerO Glide bone nut, 3 fret heights and instructions

Advantages of the ZerO Glide Nut

Lowest string action. The height of the ZGS fret is identical to the rest of the instrument’s frets. This means the string action is optimally adjusted throughout the length of the fretboard. The result is truer intonation at every finger position.

Improved tuning.
Ever notice that after you bend and release a string, the string goes sharp? Ever wonder why? Continued bending and tuning over the life of the instruments erodes the string slot. Eventually, the string “sticks in the nut" when bent, becoming flat when the string is released. The ZGS prevents this phenomenon. The same principle applies to tuning. With less friction in the groove, swift accurate tuning is a breeze.! (Less friction=increased tuning stability and elimination of intonation problems after string bending.)

Improved consistency of tone
. With the ZGS, the unfretted open string is suspended between the bridge and an actual fret just like all the fretted notes, yielding a more uniform tone.

The ZGS is foolproof. The set-up of a conventional nut demands a different contour and depth for each string, to match the different string gauges. In fact, although seldom done, the string slots should be recut if the string gauge is changed. The ZGS eliminates all of this. Rapid installation of the ZGS is simple and easy, and well within the expertise of your local instrument repair shop.

The ZGS is interchangeable with any standard nut. The ZGs will fit snugly into the nut original slot, without any additional alteration. If for any reason, you decide you like the standard nut better, return to the original nut is easily accomplished.


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