Seydel Harmonica Disinfection Bag

Code: 917000
The SEYDEL Harmonica Disinfection Bag* disinfects all harmonicas with UV-Light and Ozone very effectively. See below for more details. Harmonicas not included!

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The specially strong UV light source (185nm) inside the silicone bag converts atmospheric oxygen (O2) into highly reactive ozone (O3). Ozone is able to effectively kill bacteria and fungi and it deactivates viruses with a very high efficiency of more than 99%.

The gaseous Ozone works well in places difficult to access on the inside of a harmonica. In addition, Ozone works well against all kinds of unpleasant odors.


  • let the instrument dry well after playing/after physical cleaning
  • open the Harmonica Disinfection Bag and put the instrument in it
  • close and start the device - the built-in timer electronics sets the duration of treatment to five minutes
  • the ozone concentration increases to about 20ppm and the reducing effect of the ozone kills germs very effectively
  • Viruses are rendered >99% harmless
  • the device switches off automatically after five minutes
  • the clean instrument can now be removed and is ready for use again after a short time. The ozone evaporates completely.
  • fits for all harmonica models (Tremolo/Octave/Chromatic/Blues): 7,5cmØ (~3in) x 25 cm length (lid included; ~10in)

The device is used for disinfection, but not for manual cleaning of your instruments. Disinfection should be always the last step of a complete cleaning procedure. The Harmonica Disinfection Bag desinfection works effectively without an fluids and residues - ideal for Chromatic harmonicas or other valved models.

The Harmonica Disinfection Bag also helps to restore old harmonicas because it can neutralize unpleasant odors.

Rechargeable battery: with the included micro USB cable, the unit can be fully recharged in about one to two hours using any standard USB charger.

The SEYDEL Harmonica Disinfection Bag - Harmonica disinfection made easy!


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