Shubb Robert Randolph 'Signature Series' Guitar Steels


The RR1 and RR2 'Signature Model' Guitar Steels as created and used by the great Robert Randolph. Comes blister packed. Please see below for more details.

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Robert Randolph is taking the steel guitar into a whole new direction, and people are sitting up and taking notice of this great USA super steeler!

Gary Mobley, Shubb's main technical specialist went to hear Robert Randolh play, and got a chance to chat with Robert  backstage. Robert said that he loved the Shubb bars just as they were, but when Gary asked "If you could have it exactly the way you want ..."  Then Robert began making some suggestions, and a whole new design concept was created.

A few generations of prototype models later, Shubb arrived at these two bars that Robert now endorses and uses exclusively.

Model RR1: Weight: 5.4 oz. ...For speed ...and speed! (pictured left)
Straight ends. extra length and mass

Model RR2: Weight 6.8 oz. ... For power ...and power! (pictured right).
Straight ends. extra length and greatest mass

Robert Randolph guitar steels are designed to the specifications of the steel guitar sensation, and in the words of Robert Randolph ''These are the only bars I will use, period.''

Both models are 3.25 inches long.

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Accessory Type
Steels & Slides
Instrument Suitability
RR1 5.4oz, RR2 6.8oz,
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