ProPik Fast Picks Single Wrap

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Performance boosting! These one-of-a-kind angled picks let you hit the strings squarely with minimized finger movement, so you get a boost of tone, speed and volume. Choose Finish first and then Blade Angle.

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Available in Nickel for a brighter tone or Brass for a warmer tone. Also, Brass picks will reduce pick noise.

Vary the basic tone established by the metal with these three blade styles. Make your selection by using this theory: the more pointed (1 being the most) the blade; the brighter the tone. 


Accessory Type
Finger Picks
Instrument Suitability
Banjo, Guitar, Mandolin,
Blade 1, Blade 2, Blade 3,
Number of Strings
Brass , Nickel,

Customer reviews

5 / 5
3 reviews for ProPik Fast Picks Single Wrap customer reviews
John Macdiarmid
Excellent fit, easy to adjust to the finger shape. Suits my hand but I could not say if it would suit all hands.
Rated 5 out of 5
Edward Zakrajsek
I wear my fingerpicks twisted to one side, so thought I'd give the ProPik Angled picks a try. Since they offer split & single wrap designs, I thought I'd buy one of each to compare for myself.
Rated 5 out of 5
John Blanks
Used for guitar.
Very good quality, would recommend to any player who uses finger-picks.
Rated 5 out of 5