Keith, Bill Play Bluegrass Banjo by Ear DVD

Code: HL00641881

A lesson in basic music theory for the five-string Banjo player that will open vast possibilities and help you develop your musical ear. Bluegrass master Bill Keith will give you the knowledge needed to gain a total understanding of the Banjo fretboard and find the right notes anywhere, first time!

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Keith starts out by demonstrating a simple method for picking out familiar melodies by ear. Soon you will be playing harmonised scales and moving freely around the whole instrument, with the help of the unique visual charts he has devised. The charts show relationships between notes, frets and strings in a clear and logical manner - allowing you to quickly grasp the full range of the instrument.
Before you know it you will be developing melodies and improvising all over the instrument with using your favourite Bluegrass melodies.

60 mins.


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