Pitch-Key Guitar or 5-string Banjo String Pitch Changer


The Pitch-Key can be used on acoustic Guitars, electric guitars or 5-string banjo. A pre-set tuning can then be accessed whenever needed… For example... On guitar you can fit it to say your guitar bottom ‘E’ string and instantly access drop ‘D’ tuning or on banjo drop your ‘D’ string down to ‘C’ at the instant turn of the thumb screw ...Or use two pitch keys (one 2nd and 4th strings) on 5-string banjo for double 'C' tuning.

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the Pitch-key is lightweight on the headstock, easy to fit without any alteration to your instrument... 'easy on' and 'easy off'.

The Pitch-Key allows you to take a creative approach to new tunings, new chord shapes and new music, always knowing that you can go back to standard tuning in an instant. No need to re-tune and no need to swap your instrument.
The Pitch-Key attaches to any string in between the nut and the tuning post of your guitar or banjo. It allows you to preset two different pitches for that string and to quickly switch between those pitches by rotating the thumb-wheel. It can be fitted and removed in seconds. You don't even need to remove the strings.

In standard tuning, your guitar or banjo plays and sounds just like normal but when you want alternative tunings, the Pitch-Key gets you there and back without any distraction from your playing. Use one, or more Pitch-Keys on your guitar or banjo to open up more ambitious tuning variations You can be as experimental as you like.

Neat, lightweight and excellent in design, the Pitch-Key allows you to have two pre-set tunings on any one string of your guitar or s-string banjo. Strength and tuning accuracy are attained from its quality engineered die-cast stabiliser body and a precision machined stainless steel string tension piston. It has stable, ultra smooth and vibration-free fine operation by means of a nylon-cored stainless steel outer thumb wheel adjuster with internal hexagon key fine tuning.

Excellence in precision engineering!

Supplied and packaged with full user instructions and complete with a fine tuning Allen Key.

PLease Note: The Pitch-Key is shown fitted to a Martin D28 Guitar. The Martin Guitar is not included in the price!

Please Note: Two Pitch-Keys are shown fitted to a Vega Banjo in double 'C' tuning. The Price shown is for ONE Pitch-Key and the Vega Banjo is not included in the price!


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Customer reviews

3.5 / 5
2 reviews for Pitch-Key Guitar or 5-string Banjo String Pitch Changer
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Joe Passmore
Excellent product easy to fit, adjust & use. Delivery swift & painless, good price. Eagle music is a good online store.
Rated 5 out of 5
Gustav Hasting
I've used it on two guitars and a Goodtime banjo. Whenever you use it all other strings will go out of tune. It's wierd but somehow it seems to tighten the string in such a way that the neck is pulled up so all other strings will be out of tune.
Rated 2 out of 5