Centerstream More Dobro DVD

Code: HL00000328
Celebrated Dobro maestro Doug Cox introduces a private lesson in the elements and techniques that characterise the lap-style guitar. Not only will you receive a solid foundation in Dobro playing and music theory for one of the best in the business, you will also learn to:

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  • Name all the notes and major chords on the Dobro
  • Play the indispensable I-IV-V chord progression in all keys
  • Discover 'Chucking' and how it works
  • Use characteristic tone and damping tricks

To compliment the wealth of technical knowledge, you will also be introduced to three Dobro standards, The Water Is Wide, Worried Man Blues and St. Anne's Reel top start you repertoire and give you authentic tunes with which you can master this unusual but wonderfully evocative style of playing.

Note: You can use any guitar to play this style, although it would be best to have one with a high action or purchase a nut raiser for your existing guitar (see below).


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