Gordon Markendale 'Silhouette' Ukulele Banjo (Abbott Monarch Replica) **SOLD**

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** SOLD** Hand crafted Abbott 'Monarch' replica made by Gordon Markendale. Top Quality reproduction producing that famed 'Formby' sound some would say better than the original. Includes original deluxe hard case. See below for detailed specification

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This model capo is made specifically for the ukulele! At a glance it looks like the banjo capo, but it closes onto a much smaller neck, and accomodates a slightly wider fretboard. In plain brass finish.

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Very simple single button design. The excellent Fzone FT-15 clip on chromatic tuner. Very simple to use with a single selector button for on/off and also mode selection. Suitable for any stringed instrument including banjo, guitar, ukulele, violin and others. It just simply clips on to the headstock of your instrument and picks up the vibration to register the exact tuning of your instrument. Please see more details below. Note Eastman guitar not included!

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The Golden Gate ukulele picks are made of highest quality felt and gives you that mellow, authentic tone that makes playing the ukulele so much fun! Supplied as a set of 3.


Detailed Specificatins


  • Nickel plated spun metal pot
  • Nickel plated stepped tension hoop
  • 14 Flat bracket hooks
  • Markendale nickel plated tailpiece
  • Genuine skin velum
  • 2 foot maple and ebony bridge


  • Maple neck
  • Ebony fingerboard
  • Ebony heel cap
  • 16 frets
  • 'G Markendale' signature on headstock
  • Ebony faceplate on headstock
  • Quality friction tuners with black buttons
  • Bone nut
  • Gloss finish


  • Stained maple
  • Ivroid external edging strip
  • Straight Inside sidewalls
  • Ivroid Polished centre dot
  • Satin finish


That true authentic 'Formby' sound as close as you can get it...in our opinion!!

Standard Ukulele Banjo tuning gCEA. Can also be tuned aDF#B

Neck Width at the Nut - 34mm (1.338")
Scale Length Nut to Bridge - 346mm (13.622")
Resonator Diameter - 260mm (10 1/4")
Weight Approx - 1.4Kg (3.086lb)

Price includes a Deluxe Hard Shell Case

More about Gordon Markendale

Gordon Markendale from Prestatyn in North Wales started making Banjo Ukuleles in 1991.
Already a maker of guitars and particularly banjos, his work was excellent. Attention to detail and consequent finish of the instruments were in general superb. He was also a repairer of all types of stringed instruments.

His first attempt at the manufacture of Banjo Ukuleles was a copy of the Gibson UB2/3. The prototype was absolutely brilliant and produced a first class sound. His order book was immediately filled by members of the George Formby Society wishing to own one of the pristine instruments.

Within a short time he had established a good reputation, although one had to be very patient as delivery times gradually increased, as did the range of instruments and his orders, for these classic instruments.

Copies of the pre-war Abbott ‘Monarch’, the Gibson UB4 and eventually an almost ‘impossible to tell the difference’ Ludwig copy were manufactured.

Many personalised models were also made.



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Tuning Pegs
Rear facing friction tuners



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Lovely ukulele, would recommend this shop to other enthusiasts. Great seller.
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