Mac, P Band Swing

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Edited by piano accordion player Pete Mac, Band Swing is an indispensible source book for musicians playing in folk dance bands, who need suitable, playable tunes which work well together.

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The tunes have been written out in a straight forward way with chord symbols included. On pages labelled as Reels, Polkas, Jigs, Hornpipes or Waltzes, individual tunes can be played from top to bottom as a sequence of similar tunes. In the Specials section, if more than one tune is shown for a dance, the tunes have been specially chosen to be played in a sequence. Special care has been given to making these arrangements easy to call and dance to. Some of the tunes in this book have easier arrangements printed on the opposite page, these make it easier for less experienced musicians to contribute to the sound of the band and to play at normal band tempo.


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Gerard Wilson
Lots of well know tunes (which we mostly have in other collections) but well organised into useful sets for barn dances. Especially useful are the simpler versions of tunes which can be played alongside the more complex versions.
Rated 4 out of 5