Leader Banjo Co Planetary Geared 'Pearl' Banjo Tuning Peg


The Leader 'Pearlite' banjo tuning peg is a chrome plated precision engineered, 5-wheeled planetary geared mechanism with adjustable torque setting via a star screw fitted in the 'Pearlite' button. It has a gear ration of 4:1. Very smooth in operation, fitted to some of the world's top class banjos.

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High specification precision geared banjo tuning peg as follows:-

  • Chrome plated 
  • 9.5mm (3/8") location shaft
  • Pearl Button
  • Torque setting screw
  • Suitable for headstocks up to 17.50 mm thick (.689")


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Customer reviews

4 / 5
1 review for Leader Banjo Co Planetary Geared 'Pearl' Banjo Tuning Peg
eKomi customer reviews
Geoffrey Thorpe
To replace damaged peg as part of restoration project.
Obviously I can't comment yet on durability, but mechanism feels smooth and holds string firmly and in tune.
Rated 4 out of 5