Leader Banjo Co Integral Chromatic Banjo Tuner

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Integral Chromatic Banjo Tuner. Supplied and 'fixed in-situ' with a single 4mm diameter banjo tension hook. See below for more details

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Designed by our company founder / banjo player Steve Noon. This is a brilliant tuner idea for all banjo players! You just choose the poition on your banjo pot that is easiest for you to read the tuner when it replaces a tension hook on your banjo.

The picture shows the tuner fitted to Steve's Deering GDL banjo with the tuner set in the Chromatic mode and the 'G' string 'in tune'.

The colour of the tuner screen changes from 'Blue' to 'Green' when the string is 'in tune'.

When your tuner arrive with you, it is simple to fix to your banjo as follows:-

  • Choose the position where it is easy to read the tuner on your banjo pot
  • Remove the tension hook from your banjo in the position that you have chosen
  • Fit the tuner with its 'integral tension hook' to your banjo (a standard 1/4" hexagon nut is on the hook)

Some of the many pluses when using this tuner:-

  • The tuner picks up and displays the note that is generated by vibration through your banjo pot
  • The tuner remains in postion on your banjo when not in use
  • Easy switch 'On' and 'Off' at rear of tuner
  • No more stretching out to fix your clip on tuner on your banjo headstock!
  • It is easier to read in a postion closer to your eye

Supplied complete with Battery

Note: The integral hook measures 64mmm long x 4mm diameter hook and has a 1/4" hexagon nut

EG. Will fit all Deering and other banjos that have a knotched tension hoop and 4mm diameter round tension hooks


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Customer reviews

5 / 5
4 reviews for Leader Banjo Co Integral Chromatic Banjo Tuner
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Michael Marchant
Easy to fit and it has a large screen which makes it big enough to see the tuning at short distance.
Rated 5 out of 5
Mike Darby
First class
Rated 5 out of 5
Roy Guest
Fits a treat on Harley Benton 5 string Banjo
Rated 5 out of 5
works well
Rated 5 out of 5