Leader Banjo Co Planetary Geared 'Ebonite' Banjo Tuning Peg - Set of Four

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The Leader 'Ebonite' banjo tuning peg is a chrome plated precision engineered, 5-wheeled planetary geared mechanism with adjustable torque setting via a star screw fitted in the black ebonite button. It has a gear ration of 4:1. Very smooth in operation, fitted to some of the world's top class banjos.

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High specification precision geared banjo tuning peg as follows:-
  •     Chrome plated
  •     9.5mm (3/8") location shaft
  •     Ebonite Button
  •     Torque setting screw
  •     Suitable for headstocks up to 17.50 mm thick (.689")



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Customer reviews

4.8 / 5
5 reviews for Leader Banjo Co Planetary Geared 'Ebonite' Banjo Tuning Peg - Set of Four
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phil davidson
I'm very happy with both price and quality of these excellent banjo tuning machines, smooth and precise, look good too!
Rated 5 out of 5
High quality , smooth in use and look beautiful. Eagle was the only place l found supplying this type of tuner with the correct buttons
Rated 5 out of 5
Martyn Harvey
As a guitarist (originally) of several decades' of experience, and being used to fairly inexpensive prices for good quality tuners/machine heads (as we used to call them) I was surprised to find that, in banjo land, these are pretty expensive - wherever you go!

Having ordered (and returned) several similar sets of Chinese manufacture (and a quarter of the price), I was pleased to find these (supplied by Eagle Music) looked and felt much better in quality when they arrived. The finish was far superior, the Ebonite button was nicely sculpted and finished and overall, they appeared to be very nice little machines - prior to installing. The action also felt very smooth.

However, once installed (very easy) and tuned to pitch, I found these are not so great as the initial "feel" seems to infer: They have a gear ratio of about 8:1 and you'd think this would be sufficient to ensure a nice smooth tuning action with a good level of "stay" or pitch retention (ie, no slipping out of tune) but, in fact, the ratio isn't as effective as it seems and a slight turn results in quite a large change in pitch. For example, turning the peg 90 degrees (top D string tuner) results in a whole tone pitch change.

The action is also quite "jerky" or gritty (although I know there's no grit in there)... "jittery"??

OK - I'm a novice banjoist but, with decades of experience tuning guitars (and fiddles!) I was expecting a little more stability and a more refined "tuning curve" from these pretty expensive machines. Maybe that's the way with banjo tuners but I'm starting to think about sourcing some even more expensive ones because, when practicing and playing, you don't want to have to spend half your time tuning up!

To sum up: Quality/finish - great, Action: Could do better.
Rated 4 out of 5
Geoffrey Goff
Product fine
Rated 5 out of 5
Arthur John Duncalf
Excellent items
Rated 5 out of 5