Saltarelle L' Elfique

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This is the L’Elfique from Saltarelles excellent Centre Ville Collection …it is a top professional quality three voice melodeon with power, punch and exceptional tonal qualities from its three reed banks. 21 treble buttons and 8 bass. It is fitted with a treble stop for changing between 2 and 3 voices and a bass end stop to remove the thirds from the chords. Please see more details below ...

Full description


 The Saltarelle L’ Elfique is designed to be versatile, powerful and offer its player a selection of different sounds …This is achieved by the fitment of a treble stop which is used for switching between 2 or three voices playing on the treble side, and a bass end stop  which is used to ‘switch off’  the thirds in the chords.  Saltarelle designed another ‘world beater with the L’ Elfique. It has the expected sought after Saltarelle fast action keyboard and is fitted with three banks of Saltarelle reeds that are tuned to give you that world class 'Saltarelle Sound’.

This excellent, powerful, versatile melodeon is available in D/G, B/C and other keys on request.

    • More details and build specifications:- 
    • Stepped keyboard
    • 21 treble buttons
    • Three treble voices
    • Choice of tuning
    • Treble stop to control the three voices
    • 8 bass buttons 
    • Bass end stop to remove the thirds from the chords
    • Smooth satin walnut wood casing
    • Intricate fret worked grille
    • Fitted horse-shoe strap brackets
    • Padded leather bass end strap
    • Rotella for adjusting the bass end strap
    • Leather bellows closing straps
    • Hard-shell carrying case included
    • Leather adjustable shoulder straps included
    • Weight: 3.62 Kg (7.98 Lbs.) 



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