Joe Carr Getting Into Bluegrass Guitar Book/Online Audio

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The purpose of this book is to present the essential elements of flatpicking guitar. Particular attention is given to correct pick direction which is a crucial element of smooth flatpicking. The first part of the book covers basic rythm and chords and the second section deals with beginning lead flatpicking

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 Contents :
45 Trains
Arkansas Traveler - All Eighths
Bass Boogie
Beaumont Rag
Bill Cheatem
Billy In The Lowground
Black Mountain Rag
Blackberry Blossom
Bonaparte Crossing The Rhine
Carter Style - Wildwood Flower
Cripple Creek
Doc's Rag
Fire On The Mountain
Fisher's Hornpipe
Flat Brokedown
Flatpicker's Mountain Breakdown
Floating - Old Joe Clark
Flopped Eared Mule - All Eighths
Flopped Eared Mule - Quarter Notes
Forked Deer
John Doherty's Mazurka
Miller's Reel
Ragtime Annie
Red Haired Boy
Rodgers Style - Jimmie's Blues
Saint Anne's Reel
Sally Goodin
Salt Creek
Soldier's Joy
Soldier's Joy In C
The Old Spinning Wheel
Tripping Upstairs
Whiskey Before Breakfast
White Rice
Wildwood Flower


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